Designed in the heart of France’s capital, known as the City of Light and renowned for its strong heritage of Jewellery excellence, Âme by Fifty One East has met with a dazzling reception since its inaugural launch last year. Using only the finest materials, such as 18k gold, diamonds, semiprecious and precious stones, each Âme collection emanates true luxury and premium craftsmanship.

Key inspirations are timeless grace and sophisticated elegance, always with a desire to nurture a bond with women, and with a belief that Jewellery should resonate deeply in a way that touches the soul. Indeed, Âme is the French word for soul.

This range of versatile statement pieces deftly blends a classic feel with a contemporary edge, offering women a wealth of unique ways to express themselves, and to light up their lives with luxurious glamour. Inspiration is wide-ranging, from the beauty of the first drops of rain to fall on lavish French fields emulated in the Larme en Diamond collection to the graceful silhouettes of feathers reflected in the Epi de Blé collection.

From gleaming diamonds set on the elaborate Ruche ring to the precious simplicity of Delicat pieces in captivating 18k gold, Âme touches the soul and all of its desires.

Âme is exclusively available at Fifty One East.

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