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1309 Studios Drop 10 pays homage to the embodiment of an entrancing spirit. The quote “Siren in Motion” resonates with an enduring sense of allure and captivating dynamism. Taking inspiration from iconic 90s and 2000s fashion. 1309 Studios meticulously fashioned a series of abayas that epitomize elegance, allure, and timeless simplicity.

This collection is centered around a thoughtfully curated selection of abayas in various styles and materials, showcasing pieces with distinct silhouettes, customized patterns, and unique details. The choice of materials mirrors a commitment to quality and elegance, utilizing a rich array of fabrics such as satin, cotton, crepe silk, and jacquard. These materials have been painstakingly chosen to ensure each abaya embodies both timeless charm and modern sophistication, reminiscent of the luxurious textiles of the 90s and 2000s era. As for the color palette, the collection captures a sense of femininity and strength through a range of tones such as black, brown, white, mocha, ivory, and pistachio, reimagined for the modern woman.

Drop 10 draws inspiration from women who effortlessly personify the essence of our collection. Embracing the timeless charm of cotton classic stripes, the straight-cut ‘Elle Abaya’ is adorned with 1309 ornamental words inspired by the poetic beauty of Rumi. In contrast, the ‘Vanessa Abaya’ is an exquisite, slightly waisted abaya meticulously crafted from a unique fabric blend, featuring an extraordinary pattern design with graceful flying butterflies. The 'Bella Abaya,' a straight-cut abaya made of dyed matte satin with a continuous collar and jersey stretchy sleeves, offers the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. While the ‘Ella Abaya’ is crafted from wrinkled cotton linen with a vertical stripe print design, merging elegance and timelessness. Beyond these classics, there are playful pieces that infuse a unique twist into the collection.

"The Red Cherry Abaya" is a square-cut abaya made from luxurious Italian crepe fabric, adorned with handbeaded red cherries on both the abaya and the matching chiffon scarf. "Sofia" boasts a straight-cut silhouette made from Italian crepe in ivory color, gorgeously detailed with shiny bow embroidery. This collection celebrates the spirit of the siren within every woman, offering a range of abayas that seamlessly blend classic and modern styles. Whether you're drawn to the classic sophistication of Elle or the playful charm of the Red Cherry Abaya, the ‘Siren in Motion’ collection is a timeless addition to your wardrobe, designed to leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Drop 10 – Siren in Motion is available to purchase at


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