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The Spring/Summer 2023 collection is inspired by the remarkable contrast of the following quote, “in me, the tiger sniffs the rose”. This has a powerful and potent imagery that reflects the duality of the feminine energy and the way it creates a fierce, unapologetic yet soft style. 70s disco, the unique beauty of the American desert and a general liberation of fashion, self-expression and individuality are also elements that inspired this collection. The collection is an embodiment of strength, power, femininity, and glamorous styles. 1309 Studios explored the idea of blending tough and delicate elements to create a striking contradiction in each design. Strong silhouettes, bold prints, and fierce details are visible on each piece.

The collocation of the fierce and delicate is reflected in the choice of fabrics; silk, chiffon, crepe, and jersey combined to create harmonious pieces that bring out a woman's fierce look without losing the softness of her femininity. The colors used exude a sense of femininity and strength including earthy tones such as sand, nude and brown inspired by the desert landscape. These neutral shades along with gray, white and black are paired with pops of vibrant colors like blue, purple, orange, and green, reflecting the rich hues of the desert sunset and the 70s disco culture.

A range of day and evening wear such as ‘Eden’ and ‘Lorali’ paneled dresses elevated with our decorative fagoting thread embroidery are key pieces. Also, the ‘Sienna’ kaftans are delicate graceful sets cut from billowing swathes of silk-chiffon that fall beautifully across one’s figure and have bold in-house designed prints derived from the brands inspiration. Both designs are paired with minimalist inner slip dresses with a fluid and flared silhouette.

This collection experiments with impeccably hand embroidered and embellished garments by skilled artisans, such as the ‘Petra’ kaftan, the ‘Solange’, ‘Sabrina’, ‘Selena’ and the flawless ‘Whitney’ dress set with crystal and beads embellished motifs on the mesh gloves. The exceptional and timeless kaftans come with statement prints like floral, landscape, and abstract designs.

These prints are incorporated in a fresh and modern way by utilizing digital printing techniques in our ‘Serena’ Jumpsuit, Hoodie kaftans and our bold and empowering asymmetric top and pant set, ‘Nirvana’, cut from crepe with abstract wavy prints with palm and sun motifs. 1309 Studios is always celebrating women's strength, beauty, and power. This collection is a reminder that being feminine does not equate to being weak, but having the power to balance the delicate with the fierce and aims to bring back the fashion of the iconic decade, the 70s, but with a modern and fresh twist.

The bold prints, vibrant colors, relaxed silhouettes, and metallic accents attract those who appreciate vintageinspired clothing with a contemporary edge. The collection offers a unique and stylish option for women to express themselves and stand out in a crowd. SS23 is available to purchase at


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