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1928, The New Mosaico creation of Serapian

There is a new icon in the world of Serapian, the 1928 bag. A bold and ultramodern reinterpretation of the signature Mosaico craft, it celebrates the founding year of the Maison: that unforgettable 1928 when Stefano Serapian opened his atelier in Milano, attracted by the vibrant energy of the city.

With a bigger three-dimensional variation of the pleated nappa stripes, 1928 has a stronger, innovative attitude while expressing its softness and hand-made nature. It’s a quintessentially prestigious bag, the perfect match between superb leathers and exclusive finishings.

Its feminine colour palette depicts a sophisticated universe, where every detail becomes a work of art, starting from the Mosaico-shaped lock. 1928 bags offer different ranges of buckles, turning functionality into a unique décor: from the sleek, sophisticated leather or metal ones to the black marble variation, a homage to the marvellous marbles of Villa Mozart, Serapian’s pulsating heart in the center of Milano. To the most spectacular solutions, where Serapian made to measure artistry works with precious stones personally selected by the clients amongst malachite, rhodochrosite or amethyst.

Entirely Made in Italy, the 1928 bag comes in two sizes and can also be customized according to the client’s requests, with initial engravings on the metal part of the lock.

A bag that embodies the sophisticated, artistic and poetic Milanese lifestyle of Serapian, with a strong personality.

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