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A new culinary landmark: Dani García makes history and secures two Michelin stars

A new culinary landmark: Dani García makes history and secures two Michelin stars at Smoked Room in just six months.

A new chapter is being written in the culinary history books with a landmark addition to the Michelin Guide 2022: Smoked Room has shot straight into the Michelin Red Guide with two stars. This accolade means that chef Dani García has once again been recognized by the Michelin Guide for the disruptive and exclusive concept behind Smoked Room. The guide’s two stars recognize the hard work and innovation that have gone into this venture, which opened barely six months ago in Madrid and which now forms part of the capital’s proud culinary heritage.

Located in the Hyatt Hesperia Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana 57, Smoked Room seats 14, with a bar for six guests and eight more seated in the room, where diners are able to witness the experience of live cooking with a single set tasting menu.

“I’m where I want to be,” chef Dani García explains. “I always said that if I went back into haute cuisine it would be somewhere inspired by how a restaurant works in Japan, with a dedication to produce and exclusivity, for very few guests, one that wouldn’t bear my name and where nobody requires my actual presence.”

Dani García, who runs the restaurant Bibo at the St. Regis and will soon open Lobito de Mar at the Kempinski Hotel, has channeled his passion for haute cuisine, flame-grilling and hospitality into Smoked Room, a unique and exclusive space in which the entire concept focuses on charcoal grilling and smoked produce.

This venture by the Dani García Group provides guests with a tasting menu that involves leaving it all up to the chef and enjoying a series of incredible dishes that change and evolve depending on the seasonal produce available. The techniques used are smoking, flame-grilling and ageing, for meat and fish alike. These techniques are all made possible thanks to the restaurant’s two ageing cabinets, charcoal grill and smokers.

And at the helm in the kitchen is Massimiliano Delle Vedove, Smoked Room’s executive chef, whose approach and core values are apparent in each and every dish. The Smoked Room cellar, in turn, features a select and thoughtful wine menu curated by Luis Baselga.

In terms of design, the interior is once again the work of Astet, who have struck a balance between simplicity and complexity, seeking not just the appropriate aesthetic but also the right experience for the space itself.


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