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A Sparkling Winter with Alhambra Breeze from Van Cleef & Arpels

Being an emblem of the Maison, the Alhambra® collection has constantly renewed itself over time with new creations marked by a timeless elegance. It has taken on a broad palette of natural materials and adopted a variety of symbols, colors, stones and different-sized motifs.

As a winter breeze fluttering past you and brushing against your skin, Alhambra Breeze’s selection features creations ornamented with diamonds and others highlighting the history of the Maison and its savoir-faire techniques; such as Vintage Alhambra and Magic Alhambra pieces in rose, yellow, and white gold. 

Vintage Alhambra 10-motif necklace,Vintage Alhambra 5-motif bracelet, white gold, diamonds    white gold, onyx and diamond

Vintage Alhambra

A faithful reproduction of the very first Alhambra jewel created in 1968, this line is distinguished by its unique, timeless elegance. Synonymous with the Maison, its equally sized motifs are emphasized by a border of golden pearls, paired with a refined palette of natural materials. From the emblematic long necklace to the feminine watch, Vintage Alhambra gracefully defies the whims of fashion and the passage of time.

Magic Alhambra ring, white gold, diamonds

Vintage Alhambra 20-motif long necklace,Vintage Alhambra 10-motif necklace, white gold, onyx and diamonds YG, Guilloche

Magic Alhambra

Alhambra motifs, rendered in different sizes, come together in a joyful dance. Daringly asymmetrical, these pieces derive their effect from a harmonious blend of forms and materials. Adorned with diamonds, luck shines out from the face to the wrists.

Magic Alhambra bracelet, 5-motifs, pink gold, diamonds.      Magic Alhambra ring, white gold, diamonds

Magic Alhambra earrings,WG, diamonds

Alhambra Timepieces

The Maison has drawn on the iconic symbol of luck to enrich its watchmaking universe with the distinctive aesthetic of Sweet and Vintage Alhambra; two beautiful timepieces that interpret the Alhambra symbol with exquisite delicacy. These creations with the allure of jewelry, reaffirm the timeless elegance of Alhambra motif taking up a permanent place in the collection seamlessly complementing other creations from the Maison. 

Sweet Alhambra Watch, medium mode, white gold, diamonds, quartz movement.

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