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AKILLIS - Capture In Motion Precious revolution

AKILLIS is reinventing an instinctive French jewellery with Capture In Motion, a new collection of moving rings for men & women.

Like a precious revolution, two components go round in an endless sensory and addictive game. An irrepressible desire to rotate the piece under the fingers, the tactile pleasure of its furrowed design, transform the ring into a sensual and absorbing plaything. AKILLIS continues to chart its course with a vital and witty spark, once again introducing a Rock spirit into modern jewelry.

Black, white, pink: the primary colors of Capture In Motion.

This thoroughly graphic piece consists of two chiseled bands that revolve separately and distinctly on their axis, each incorporating the sharp and asymmetrical triangles that have become a signature feature of the brand.They seem to open like formidable jaws, revealing a surface of glistening gold, matte black titanium or sparkling diamonds.

Available in eight models - four gold and titanium, four gold with diamonds - Capture In Motion rings exhibit a striking contrast between matter and color. The white or pink gold sets off the black titanium and the white gold veneered in DLC – Diamond Like Carbon – an inalterable coating that combines the properties of carbon graphite and diamonds. In stone-set pieces, the triangles shimmer with the light of 96 black or white diamonds.

The polished gold body of the ring gleams with the intense glow of black diamonds or the lively glint of white diamonds.

Finally, the model fully-set with 120 diamonds exhibits sober opulence with its black and white design. This distinctively rock touch, at the same time, pure and creative, brings out the wearer’s assertive persona.

Mix & Match

A future icon of the brand, this highly distinctive collection offers a multitude of aesthetic possibilities:the rings can be worn together in any number of combinations.A self-indulgent treat or a gift denoting short-lived passion and taken back tomorrow, an edgy accessory to be collected, exchanged and exhibited in all its versatility: these precious rings remain objects of whimsy and desire. A promise of love, for now or forever.

Disruptive technical prowess

To create two bands that revolve around the body of the ring in a graceful fluid motion, the AKILLIS workshops, located in France, developed a new form of meticulous expertise, down to 1/100 of a millimeter. A new challenge entrusted to its jeweler craftsmen, for an even more innovative look and feel.


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