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AKILLIS, expert creativity

The French Brand AKILLIS, founded by Caroline Gaspard in 2007, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. Many years of leadership, cutting-edge know-how in jewellery making and precision. All from a house and designer who have proven devoted to creating the perfect piece with unrivalled attention to detail.

To reflect this unparalleled creativity, AKILLIS set out to establish its own workshops. Based in the south of France, they bring traditional jewellery-making techniques to life, using a dedicated foundry and melting furnace for each type of alloy where jewellery polishers and setters use the finest materials including gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones.

Driven by the love of accomplishing exquisite work, the workshops can handle any challenge presented. From creating a seamlessly smooth and rounded hollow bullet, to modeling the perfect skin-grazing gem earrings for the Cruella range, titanium shapes Capture Me bracelets and even breathing shimmering new life into the image of python scales with a graphic, edgy and a truly contemporary style.

This unbridled inventiveness is communicated through the French artisan craft of high jewellery. Each piece is made in AKILLIS’ Lyon workshop, by an artisan using stones that have been meticulously selected by the house’s very own gemologists.

As for the special order department, freedom becomes something sparkling and new. And as it has proved with its long list of incredible designs, any design dream can be made reality. From artistic gouache, to finished, set jewels, every design calls upon the skill and passion of the entire AKILLIS workshop as it unites with an unrivalled know-how to fill AKILLIS’ collections with pieces that reflect designer Caroline Gaspard’s bold energy.

Indeed,this freedom would not exist without Caroline Gaspard’s own incredible ability to seize life’s opportunities.Urbane and sophisticated, yet instinctively attached to the art of French jewellery-making know-how, her values are transmitted across the AKILLIS workshop,and are dedicated to independence and excellence.


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