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Al Najada Doha Hotel adds new theme nights at Al Baraha Restaurant

Al Najada Hotel Doha has added a selection of exquisite theme nights at Al Baraha restaurant. The new theme nights are aimed at providing guests an amazing culinary experience on Thursdays and Fridays to enjoy the tastiest dishes and platters prepared by the hotel’s talented chefs. 

The Al Najada Hotel restaurants are more like an ideal terminus to taste and discover new flavors. “Al Baraha”- the bright restaurant, where sunlight descends through its windows overlooking the spacious outside terrace and the Piazza of the Al Najada Hotel, offers guests a variety of food options throughout the day starting from the luxurious daily breakfast buffet with its fresh and varied options to ensure guests have a vibrant head start to their day. 

Every Thursday, the Seafood theme offers a glorious spread of utter delight for seafood lovers with a fabulous selection of treasures from the deep sea. The premium buffet designed by the restaurant’s chef is a fiesta of seafood with a lobster, oyster, mussels, shellfish and many more. The Seafood Night is a celebration of the best and freshest catch of Gulf's rich bounty. Using the finest ingredients, the highly experienced and talented chefs create extraordinary dishes to indulge your senses

Similarly, the Barbeque theme night on every Friday, will meet the expectations of guests and visitors looking for a unique culinary concept that encompasses tender meat served on skewers in addition to an assortment of ribeye, tenderloins, brisket and others. Diners can choose from an array of fresh cut meats to be grilled on spot by the chefs and treated with diverse sort of meats and ribs marinated with an exquisite oriental and international sauces along with fresh salads, starters and vast assortment of sweets and desserts. 

On this occasion, Executive Sous Chef Mohammed Alo said:” Through the theme nights at Al Baraha restaurant, we seek to provide a distinguished culinary experience for our visitors and residents to enjoy a delightful buffet. Guests will also enjoy the great ambiance characterizing “Al Baraha” due to its high ceiling and colorful furniture and its beautiful terrace which make the place the perfect destination to start a great gastronomic journey with family and friends. The visit to the restaurant promises to offer a special experience, to eat delicious dishes in a unique atmosphere and to spend the most enjoyable times”. 


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