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American designer Dennis Basso opens first boutique in the Middle East at 21 High st, Katara

Elevating Qatar’s position in the global fashion industry index, 21 High st – the ultimate outdoor shopping destination – has opened the doors to the first Dennis Basso boutique in the Middle East. In exclusive partnership with Ali Bin Ali Fashion, the finest luxury goods from their New York studio will be available right at the heart of Doha.

The vibrantly talented designer himself was in Qatar on May 1, 2019 for the launch event of the brand that is loved by celebrities around the world. The inauguration was attended by local media, bloggers and social media influencers. 

Speaking at the event, Basso said: “Our retail boutiques carry the same philosophy as our design studio in selecting top international locations and designing spaces with the highest standards and impeccable materials, acting as a backdrop to our unique products. 21 High st with all its unique attributes was the perfect stage for launching our collection in the Middle East. We are glad and proud to be a part of this outdoor shopping destination.”

Basso has been hailed by both celebrity and private clients for three decades. Inspired by pure glamour, his collections – from fur and eveningwear to bridal-wear and accessories – are consistently featured in the media and at red carpet gatherings worldwide. Commitment to workmanship and talent combined with the most advanced techniques allow us to generate authentic, limited products of unsurpassed standards and quality.

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