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As a proud Lebanese designer, Andrea Wazen approached the creation of her FW21 footwear collection, ‘Rebirth’, with the hope of bringing a sense of light and positivity, following the troubled times in Lebanon after the tragic explosion that rocked the country in August 2020.

An evolution of the brand’s previous collection ‘Heritage’, which played tribute to Lebanon and its rich history of art, culture and design, this FW21 collection also pays homage to Wazen’s homeland, honoring Lebanon’s architecture, landscape, color and natural beauty.

Creating a link between the two collections, many visual trademarks of the brand were used and reinvented such as mesh fabrications, patterns and motifs. Some pieces such as the best-selling ‘Ida’ Boots are re-designed for FW21 to work well in warmer climates, with new materials and mesh used to create a lightweight feel. Other designs, such as the ‘Mika’ Mule take direct inspiration from the beauty of Lebanese Architecture and landscape. As well as being inspired by the rich culture of Wazen’s homeland, the collection is designed, handmade and embroidered in Lebanon.

Speaking about the FW’21 ‘Rebirth’ collection, Wazen commented;

"For FW ‘21, I wanted to design a collection that would symbolise a ‘Rebirth’, and a sense of renewed positivity after all of the events that have happened in the past year. There are new styles that we have incorporated in this new collection such as our Diana ballerina flats which feature the Gouraud embroidery, and our Julia loafers which are also fun and casual, featuring our signature Sursock embroidery. ‏The ‘Franca Glitz’ style is Definitely the season’s must-have party style, with the extra glitz sheriffs-key elements that have been added for an extra dash of glamour and fun."

The Andrea Wazen FW21 collection will launch on September 1st, 2021 at, and will also be available at the following retailers, regionally:

UAE -, Level Shoes Dubai, Harvey Nichols Dubai

QATAR -, Sole Avenue Doha, Galeries Lafayette Doha

KUWAIT -, Harvey Nichols Kuwait

KSA-, Rubaiyat Jeddah


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