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Anti-Age the breakthrough in aesthetic medicine

Dr. Mona

Human stem cell science has now come to the aesthetics arena, promising a new generation of aesthetic solutions.

. Stem cell science, by contrast, brings about change by amplifying the natural healing response, regardless of age. As such it provides a synergistic complement.

The expected outcome is improved aesthetic results and reduced complications (e.g., lower risk of PIH) and less down time (e.g., faster return to social settings).

The New Skin Care Pyramid The industry is currently observing a rapid acceptance of stem cell technology and related growth factors in the marketplace.

Clear evidence of this is the concept of the skin care pyramid, described recently in the April 2014 issue of Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

Growth factors and stem cells produced peptides, whose role is to optimize skin, occupy the highest portion of the pyramid. The connotation is “highest, best, leading edge, most efficacious.

Growth factors and stem cells produced peptides, whose role is to optimize skin, occupy the highest portion of the pyramid.

stem cells because these are factories for production of cell signaling peptides and growth factors, so they are often cultured in the lab to obtain the “broth” they live in that is rich in peptides and growth factors.” Cytokines and growth factors (C&GFs) are signaling biomolecules, natural products made by all cells. One stem cell, the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell or BM-MSC, is a veritable C&GF factory, playing the leading role in the body’s natural system for repair and regeneration. It does this through secretion of C&GFs, which, most importantly, have a net anti-inflammatory pattern. The benefits derived from emerging stem cell therapies are now recognized as having more to do with C&GFs and their patterns, than with engraftment, and differentiation of stem cell into other types of cells.

Cytokine & growth factor (C&GF) research provides a unified theory that identifies proinflammatory cytokines as the major determinant of untoward aesthetic outcomes - scarring, fibrosis, and dyschromia’s.

Most dermatologic conditions (including acne) have a primary inflammatory component. Cellese’s Core Science in Brief Cellese Regenerative Therapeutics translates advances in human stem cell science into products for dermatology and clinical aesthetics.

. A major accomplishment has been the development of a proprietary platform that allows creation of custom “cocktails” of human stem cell-derived cytokines & growth factors (C&GFs) that address specific concerns or conditions in aesthetic medicine.

Cellese focuses on laboratory culture of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells, mimicking the in vivo anti-inflammatory pattern of cytokines and growth factors produced by this population of stem cells., this stem cell is uniquely suited as the preferred source for producing C&GFs for use in topical skincare products. C&GFs

The “Language” of Cell Communication In the human epidermis & dermis, keratinocytes and fibroblasts have receptors for C&GFs – that’s the ‘listening” part. They also “speak” by producing more of the same or a response cytokine.

The cell to-cell communication is both paracrine and autocrine.

Paracrine means a signaling cell that communicates with neighboring cells. Autocrine means a cell can amplify the incoming signal.

One molecule of a particular cytokine can be heard by one cell which can then make 10,000 more similar molecules to pass along to its neighbors.

These mechanisms of cellular communication can be harnessed, enabling us to “communicate” with cells effectively and very precisely, using only nanomolar concentrations of topically applied C&GFs. Unlike most other types of “actives”

we talk to the first layer of cells, which amplifies the message and passes it along to the next deeper layer, and so on. This is a truly remarkable advantage. The language of C&GFs is very complex.

it is taught to us by human mesenchymal stem cells that provide not just biochemicals, but the “intelligence” about which ones are needed for what conditions, and at what stage of healing and regeneration.

Physics & Biochemistry Meet Lasers and other tissue destructive modalities cause controlled trauma, with the expectation that regeneration will occur,

strong synergy between physical modalities and topical application of human stem cell culture-derived cytokines and growth factors.

. The Ante AGE and Ante AGE MD Story Ante AGE, Cellese’s first product

launched two years ago.

Many customers are so pleased with their skin improvements they purchase multiple sets at a time so they never run out of products.

Several estheticians report that 100% of their clients repurchase after being introduced to the product. Last autumn, Cellese introduced Ante AGE MD, which is sold only through physician practices and med spas. It contains higher concentrations of C&GFs, along with supplemental recombinant TGF-β3 and IGF-1. Enhanced Healing - Clinical Experience Post Fractional CO2 Laser There is growing clinical experience using Ante AGE MD as a topical healing adjuvant following fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. After seeing up to 40% reduction in downtime (faster peeling, reduced edema, inflammation, discomfort),

in October 2014. The concept of modality plus C&GF synergy will undergo rigorous hypothesis testing. The mode of delivery, dosing, timing and other factors will be considered, as well as efficacy measured through a variety of objective measures. C&GF approaches to various skin care concerns will be addressed, along with hair regeneration


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