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AURA SUNWEAR: The Perfect Summer Travel Essential for the Entire Family

Combining Style, Superior Sun Protection, and Medically Backed Expertise

AURA SUNWEAR, the premium sun protection brand, is revolutionizing the way families protect themselves from harmful UV rays while embracing their personal style. With a range of stylish products designed to offer superior sun protection, AURA SUNWEAR has become the go-to brand for individuals seeking fashionable and effective UV blocking solutions for their summer adventures.

The innovative shields come in four distinct styles, each available in a range of vibrant colors to cater to every age and lifestyle. The clever design features a sweat-wicking headband that comfortably fits around the forehead, with a colorful reflective lens that can be worn up like a hat or down like a face shield, effectively safeguarding the eyes and face. Offering full visibility akin to wearing sunglasses, the AURA UV Shields’ heat-resistant technology in the lens, keeping the face cooler even on hot summer days. They are ideal for anyone seeking superior, hassle free, UV protection and especially for those with sensitivity to traditional sunblock ingredients, as it provides a chemical-free, physical barrier.

The Perfect Summer Travel Essential for the Entire Family

Whether you're planning a beach staycation, an island getaway, or exploring a new city, sun protection is important for the whole family as UV exposure is the #1 cause of Ageing and skin diseases like cancers. AURA SUNWEAR’s UV Shields are the perfect summer accessory because they block 99% of UVA and UVB, and are also heat resistant, keeping your face and eyes protected. They come in 4 unique styles and sizes that are suitable for all ages, lifestyles. The 2 sporty styles with a closed velcro headband stay put even during high intensity sports, while the 2 classic styles are designed to feel comfortable and accessible to wear for lounging and low intensity activities. You can now enjoy all your summer adventures with peace of mind.

The Science of Sun Protection: A Medically Backed Approach

AURA SUNWEAR takes sun damage very seriously and are committed to providing the highest level of protection backed by science. Created through collaboration between Medical Professionals and Athletes, AURA SUNWEAR UV Shields have been meticulously designed to offer maximum comfort as well as superior sun protection blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding against premature ageing and sun damage. The UV Shields are also ANSI Z80.3 certified and are a chemical-free form of Sun protection unlike sunblock, further reassuring customers of their reliability and effectiveness.

Empowering Individuals to Embrace the Outdoors

AURA SUNWEAR is on a mission to revolutionize sun protection, as they want to spread the importance of enjoying outdoor activities without causing harm to your health in the process. The AURA Sunwear UV Shields allows wearers to engage in their favorite activities with confidence, knowing that they are physically protected from the sun's harmful UV rays without relying solely on sunblock, which need to be constantly reapplied, and in the sufficient quantities, to get the adequate protection. Experience the freedom of enjoying the outdoors without compromising your skin, eyes or style in the process.

"Protecting your skin from the sun shouldn't mean sacrificing your personal style," said Karen Saab, the founder of AURA SUNWEAR. "Our mission is to offer fashionable products that provide superior UV protection for the entire family. We want everyone to enjoy their summer adventures while feeling confident and protected."

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