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The Ritz-Carlton, Doha’s highly anticipated lounge and restaurant is here. B-lounge officially opened its doors beginning of September, introducing guests to a dazzling adult-only playground with breathtaking marina views, Asian fusion cuisine with international touches served straight from the open kitchen and a creative mixology menu. The legendary signature musical identity is also in full form, with a subtle mixture of captivating electro-ethnic rhythms played by DJ Naz.

B-lounge is a unification of this grand nature and the delicate people who lives in Qatar.  Layers of fabric that are suspended from the ceiling act as a screen to reflect the nature of “wind” which is the representation of this grand nature as it creates a synergy between the lower and upper floor through the void.  The timber finish ceiling on the upper floor is a recollection of window frames which has weathered away from the sea wind. 

All of the materials used in this space are familiar materials in Qatar such as natural wood, plaster, copper, tile, and leather.  The local’s delicate techniques are used to regenerate these in a modern approach.  The copper bar counter in the center of the space is like an iconic monument to represent the swirl of the wind that blows from the sea and the energy of the locals.

“We have aimed to create an environment for various guests to have a memorable experience with their friends, lovers, partners or whoever they are with by creating various scenes and settings in one space such as a high energy lounge, outdoor bar, outdoor lounge, and dining. The combination of high quality music, eloquent wind, sunset, and night view will create a new social spot and experience here in Doha”, said Mr. Sack, General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Doha.

Guests can look forward to a number of upcoming happenings, including the Yuuhi Sunset Session featuring live entertainment with signature drinks and light bites from Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 8pm and Froze Brunch beginning of  November. If you fancy a tasty brunch in an exceptional setting, Froze Brunch on Fridays features a mix of Provence and Asian flavors and breathtaking entertainment. Guests are invited to save their calendar as international celebrity DJs are coming to B-lounge, Nick from Mykonos in November and Papa from Monte Carlo in December.

From mixing and mingling with signature sips near the DJ booth or on the terrace, to savoring mouthwatering cuisine, B-lounge evokes a new sense of freedom, the ultimate destination in Doha to wind down or party. As night transcends the place comes alive as Doha’s place to see and be seen.

For more information, please visit, email or call 4484 8545.


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