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Bab Al Amoud Restaurant

What is Bab Al Amoud?

Bab Al Amoud or as the scholar called it “Damascus Gate” is one of the main gates of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The name reflect and symbolize the fine art of Architecture and the luxurious type of living in the Holy City. Bab Al Amoud neighboring area is well known for trading and exchanging goods from all Palestine through Jerusalem. And thus, the concept of Bab Al Amoud Restaurant was created.

Bab Al Amoud Restaurant:

Is A fine high-End Restaurant where modern luxury meets the traditional luxury in various aspects of Architectural elements, stories beyond the wall of the holy City of Jerusalem, and of course the cuisine itself.

The very unique concept of Bab Al Amoud represents the fact of the origin gate “a place where all trading assembled”, and thus Bab Al Amoud Restaurant assembled all professional Culinary team from the whole World to be dedicated in one Fine Facility or you might say in one plate. They are not only Chef’s or even master Chef’s they are World Wide well-known PALESTINIAN Chef’s.

They are in Bab Al Amoud Restaurant Sharing their Experience with a flavor of Passion and Love to a case they admire more than food. Each Master Chef will contribute in engineering a unique spectacular independent Menu, which all will be gathered in Bab Al Amoud Menu Card. Our Beloved High-End Guests will choose from this rich unique menu their favorite dish prepared by their beloved Chef.

Why Al Hazm Mall?

A spectacular concept as in Bab Al Amoud needs a matching outstanding facility to hold it strength, that’s why Al Hazm Mall is the Appropriate venue to show the power of Identity and the spirit of luxury.

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