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Next to the iconic models presented with new colours and soles, the main theme of this collection is the new line – Seamless. A loafer line designed on the shoe upper, unlined, without seams, the reason why called seamless. 

The capsule collection is created in 2 main variations: edge ridge under the leather or contrarily, engraved for negative effect. The Bologna Sacchetto or unlined loafers with tassels were chosen to enhance comfort and flexibility. 

A real gem of our capsule collection are reverse calfskin loafers with engraving and contrasting border detailing. 

Other options are: unlined moccasins, new slippers with leather plait to enhance the apron toe. 

In closing, our classic loafer redesigned with stylistic component – button. An element that stand out our last collections. 

The button like an ornamental detail to replace the classic brass accessory, but also like functional element to fix tassels or fringe that in this way become detachable. 

It is summertime! All collection is characterized by softness and comfortability. Our constructions are super flexible and deconstructed. We used the following constructions: the Bologna Sacchetto and Bake Construction presented with leather insole and nabuked sole combined with extreme flexibility

The hides we used: tumbled calf leathers, deerskin, nappa leather and new sued leather with particular scouring and colouring. In this way, also the classics colour: brown, navy blue come to life and become more interesting and intense.  

Regarding Blu Barrett collection, we have some innovation. The new model called Progetto X (project X), the chunky sneaker with upper and hand aged sole to enhance the volumes. This sneaker was revisited in its own way. Finally, new multicolour sneakers with stitched sole and upper engraved for negative effect.

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