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Straight from the mastermind innovator behind global beauty favourite the Beautifect Box, Dr. Tara Lalvani, comes the new beautifully redefined beauty staple designed to perform like no other – The Beautifect Precision Tweezer.

The stand-out precision slanted tweezers effortlessly removes even the finest of hairs with minimal discomfort directly from the root, every time. The smooth filed tips are designed to give the perfect grip without pinching the skin. A perfect slanted degree with pinpoint precision steel ends combined with an exacting amount of tension on the finger sized grip results in perfect removal and shaping of unwanted hairs. Ergonomically created with the highest grade stainless steel for exactness and durability. The game-changing Beautifect Precision Tweezer comes with a vegan leather pouch to protect and store the product between uses.

Female founded Beautifect is on an empowering mission to save women time and effort whilst delivering the ultimate in luxury beauty tools. Pioneering an all inclusive name for the best in beauty; everything Beautifect creates is designed to outperform anything else on the market. The Beautifect Precision Tweezer allows one to do their brows in half the time with half the effort and look twice as good!


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