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Inspired by traditional Italian style and craftsmanship with sustainability at the heart, Benjamin Siggers specialises in luxury bespoke menswear, tailored to clients' busy lifestyles, offering a customised made to measure visiting tailoring service with the convenience of “at home or work" fittings and appointments. Driven by the belief that the true cost of a garment includes the environmental and social costs, Benjamin Siggers works with sustainable materials and partners with manufacturers and suppliers that adhere to humanitarian standards.  

Benjamin Siggers Founders, Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers, said they established the company after identifying a global need for a more sustainable approach to menswear and a regional need for lightweight bespoke pieces to cater to the growing number of men with little time or inclination to shop, but held a strong disposition towards refined style and high quality. The duo says their choice to work directly with Italian artisans was governed by an uncompromising belief in providing the finest level of craftsmanship to the market.

“We specialise in lightweight, soft-shouldered, fully canvassed, handmade, bespoke menswear, with a focus on quality, provenance and sustainability. Our goal is to make our clients feel confident in what they are wearing and to help them make intelligent choices with quality at the forefront. We chose to have our suits, shirts, and ties made in Italy by skilled artisans as it embodies luxury craftsmanship. Our other key point of difference is that we are visiting tailors, so unlike a traditional tailor or retail brand, we visit our clients in their homes or offices to save time and add convenience. Therefore we don’t have to incorporate the overhead of retail space into our pricing and are able to offer greater value, meaning we can offer an organic or sustainable product without the markup usually associated with organic goods,” Siggers said.

Benjamin Siggers continually strives to introduce new standards in tailoring, through every element of the production process. With the fashion industry cited as the second highest environmental pollutant after oil and gas, the brand believes in its obligation to give back as much as it can. Meticulously selecting its international textile and manufacturing partners, Benjamin Siggers has tirelessly worked to align itself with those that share its values.

“We do not use any plastic at Benjamin Siggers and have found that we are currently the only menswear brand in the region who stands by this practice. Our hangers are wooden and handmade in Italy from the highest quality Macedonian beechwood, our garment bags are organic cotton and our retail bags and clothing labels are recycled cotton. Even the material we use to package our shirts is biodegradable and made from corn starch.

"Wherever possible, we use organic materials such as organic cotton for our shirts, organic silk for our ties, and organic corozo for our buttons, with no GMO seeds, fertilizers or pesticides used. Each workshop and factory that we work with adheres to humanitarian standards, with standard working hours and pay for artisans, not based on the number of garments they complete, as well as medical insurance, and without hazardous working conditions,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin Siggers is available for "at home or work" consultations and fittings within the UAE. Using the finest fabrics from the best mills in the world, Benjamin Siggers crafts its garments to each clients' exact specifications by hand in Italy, offering a vast range of options for personalisation in regards to styling, finishing, buttons and other trimmings. 

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