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Berluti presents Drapé

After first introducing Drapé last Summer, it’s back for the Winter 2022 season, featured in a few selected shoes and bags.

Inspired by the delicate, intricate depictions of clothing drapery in classic sculpture, drawings and paintings, Drapé is achieved through an exacting artisanal process in which the Venezia leather is folded and enveloped diagonally onto itself. The Cacao Intenso patina applied over the draping work is added progressively via darker shades nearer the leather folds, creating a unique sense of depth, and rendering Drapé the quintessential expression of Berluti’s savoir faire.

Four shoe styles are featured: the Alessandro lace-up Oxford, which stays true to the softly rounded original Drapé design, with only the addition of an engraved Scritto detail on its side. New styles include the Démesure monk shoe, a low boot and the formal Fast Track sneaker.

Bags bring an edgier, more graphic quality to the Drapé treatment, with the diagonal draping lines prominently displayed in their flat surfaces. Styles include the Un Jour Mini Neo briefcase, the Toujours tote, and the Nino GM pouch, all of them complete with a Scritto Swipe engraved motif.

The Drapé bag and shoe selection is now available in Berluti stores worldwide and online.


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