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Blue Salon Launches Tramarossa made to measure jeans event

The exclusive launch event of Tramarossa made to measure jeans, with the presence of Mr. Jean Michelle sale director of Tramarossa worldwide.

As a continuous effort to provide the highest service and the most personalized experience to  bluesalon customers, Tramarossa  in collaboration with blue salon organized a sartorial Denim jeans experience and for the first time in Qatar to introduce the newly launched brand ,

The brand Sartoria Tramarossa was founded in 1967 by Urbano Chemello, in Veneto-italy where he turned his expert knowledge in tailoring to create luxury denim wear using then unheard of materials such as selvedge denim.

In 2003 Chemello’s sons decided to reinvent their father’s brand and began to produce tailored jeans under the name of Sartoria Tramarossa.

As stated by Mr.Jean michelle: The ultimate goal of  SartoriaTramarossais to bring the product to the consumer a choice of new and refined quality. Tailoring Tramarossa is the only denim signed with the initials of the wearer. The initials designed by Tailoring Tramarossa are small and precious metal letters to apply and show the jeans. The gesture tailoring embroider your name thus becomes a sign of style.

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