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The Blue Velvet, VHERNIER’s latest fine jewellery creation, is the product of two years of research and experimentation. The innovative use of titanium is what makes this line unparalleled. The exceptionally durable metal is shaped into a delicate, wave-like design and embellished with some of the finest precious diamonds available in terms of colour, cut and purity. This unique combination epitomises VHERNIER’s exceptionally bold and creative flair.

Blue Velvet necklace

in titanium and diamonds

The necklace was the first piece of the Blue Velvet line to be completed. The body is entirely made of titanium and features 2,262 diamonds totalling 14.45 carats.

VHERNIER’S President, Carlo Traglio, describes the new creation: “We set out with what seemed like an impossible dream: to capture the fluid, three-dimensional form of a wave and turn it into an exceptional necklace, a modern “gorgère” which was both lightweight and opulent. Employing the lightness of titanium was key. At our workshops in Valenza we gave ourselves the luxury of experimenting for more than two years without ever knowing whether we’d succeed. Finding the right way forward was incredibly satisfying; it was a wonderful creative experience.”

Blue Velvet ring in titanium and diamonds

The name, Velvet, was inspired by the exceptional way light reflects off of the necklace, moving over its sinuous, coloured surfaces with the same soft sheen as velvet.

It took over two hundred hours of work to craft the Velvet necklace. VHERNIER’s master craftsman was flanked by experts at every stage of the intricate production process: from melting and drawing the titanium to hinging each mesh, from setting the diamonds and gemstones to colouring and polishing.

Blue Velvet bracelet in titanium and diamonds

As well as the necklace, the wave- like titanium motif is also found in two different sized bracelets, a ring and a pair of earrings. A perfectly cast design of interlinked mesh and hinges allow for the diamonds to be skilfully set into ultra-hard titanium. The hues of dark blue are created by using an anodizing technique; together this makes the Blue Velvet extraordinary piece of jewellery. An incredibly complex achievement and never-before-seen creations.

VHERNIER was established in 1984 in Valenza, Italy, as a goldsmith’s workshop. Today, with Carlo Traglio as President, it is widely known as a contemporary fine jewellery brand renowned for its avant-garde design, its extraordinarily daring volumes and unconventional colours and contrasts, all immediately recognizable. Each jewel is unique, completely handcrafted in Italy, with shapes that reflect the company’s passion for contemporary art and architecture. VHERNIER’s high jewellery is epitomized by the Flowers collection: a series of pieces designed and made with outstanding stones in terms of origin, size, cut and purity.

VHERNIER’s jewels can be found in twelve of its own boutiques worldwide, or in the most prestigious multi-brands across eighteen countries.


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