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This is the story of an arrow which transcends time. From the first drawings sketched in 1873 to this ultra-contemporary parure, it is not a very large step. Inspired by High Jewelry, it is now available for the first time in three jewelry creations. Necklace and bracelet freed from their clasp, unisex earring to be worn freely: these arrows, in white gold paved with diamonds, seem to be dictating the style of the Maison. Flexible and cheeky, elegant, and easy to wear, they do not allow room for compromise. Like the Maison's ambassador, Alexa Chung, whose delightful allure, and creativity combines so well with this Flèche du Temps motif, which she seizes in complete freedom - defining her own codes and revealing her uniqueness.



This white gold necklace abandons its clasp and places an arrow paved with diamonds around the neck. Ultra-flexible, soft to slip on and cutting-edge in its style, it traces a tête-à-tête through a contrast between the tip of the arrow and the thrill of the feathers at the other end.

Flèche du Temps necklace paved with diamonds, in white gold


From its point to the notch, this clasp-free bracelet, paved with 162 round diamonds, wraps around the wrist in a flawless gesture. The cutting-edge character of the arrow conveys a genuinely contemporary feeling.

Flèche du Temps bracelet paved with diamonds, in white gold


A white gold arrow paved with round diamonds which pierces the ear with a vibrant stroke. This unisex earring adapts to both ears and produces an intense effect thanks to its light and ultra-contemporary flair.

Flèche du Temps single stud earring paved with diamonds, in white gold



A bracelet with several strings to its bow. Worn alone, this Flèche du Temps adorns a casual look featuring raw jeans, androgynous white shirt and pointed black pumps. In combination with the necklace, it provides a graphic touch to an evening suit in emerald satin and vertiginous stilettos with silver straps.


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