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Maison Boucheron inaugurates its new Flagship in The Dubai Mall as a tribute to its regional clients and in view of enhancing its presence in the Middle East. For Maison Boucheron, boutiques are much more than just places to buy jewelry pieces, they are designed to convey the values and codes of the Maison and ensure that clients feel at home. This new boutique presents a unique Parisian style design which recalls the historical Boucheron Hôtel Particulier on Place Vendôme in Paris. Its interior integrates the Maison’s iconic signature design concept: displaying the most incredible jewelry creations in a contemporary, warm, and inviting environment. The space reinterprets the codes of the Place Vendôme, with Parisian aesthetics such as molded dark marble and black metal frames and symmetry specific to French classicism.

Clients are also offered an ever more personal one-to-one experience thanks to an exclusive VIP Salon decorated with a mix of geometric and organic patterns. The sketches displayed on the walls also illustrate the Maison’s strong link with nature, a theme that was Frédéric Boucheron’s original source of inspiration in 1879 when he designed the Question Mark necklace. As shown by the latest High Jewelry collections drawings displayed on the walls, Claire Choisne pays tribute to his vision of nature and pushes further the boundaries of High Jewelry. In 2018, she introduced real flower petals into the world of High Jewelry with the very innovative and poetic Fleur Eternelles rings, an achievement made possible after many years of research and an extraordinary, visionary creative challenge. The VIP Salon aims to create an intimate space for visitors to appreciate the brand history and culture, as well as its free spirit, while enjoying exceptional service.

Iconic jewelry creations such as Quatre and Serpent Bohème are presented alongside Animaux de Collection and Nature collections, embodying the savoir-faire of the Maison’s craftsmen. Moreover, a refined selection of High Jewelry pieces is offered to the boutique’s clientele. A selection of pieces from the latest High Jewelry collections Histoire de Style, Art Déco and Carte Blanche, Contemplation are showcased. Finding their inspiration in the Boucheron archives, Histoire de Style collections, launched in January, revive the historic designs through Claire Choisne’s creative eye. In July, Carte Blanche collections are designed around a theme freely chosen in Claire Choisne's imagination. These collections use innovation and creativity to convey poetry and emotions.

Now occupying a larger area of 184 square meters on the ground floor of the Fashion Avenue Extension, the space reflects the Maison’s new international retail identity and underlines its commitment to strengthening its presence in the Middle East, with a total network of 10 boutiques. The opening of this new flagship is a milestone in the 164 year history of the Maison.


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