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The accessories line expands into beauty sector, launching a disruptive 7 scents buildable fragrance, and accompanying campaign starring Kendall Jenner

BY FAR reveals its debut collection of fragrances entitled, DAYDREAMS. A celebration of ordinary moments that become playful escapes, each of the seven new scents invites us to create our own experience with an innovative selection of refillable charms.

Reimagining the traditional fragrance model, BY FAR has designed a custom nomad-sized refillable charm that doubles as an accessory. Its 100ml refill bottle allows you to fill in your charm five times on the go. Style as a charm on your bag, clip onto your favorite pair of jeans or anywhere else for an unexpected sensory statement piece.

Characterized by a colourful kaleidoscope of modern softness, the DAYDREAM collection creates a blurred olfactory journey through the real and unlived. Inspired by the delicate spritzing of stories on skin, each fragrance oil has been handmade in Grasse in the South of France and is an exciting testament to the rigorous craftsmanship of three celebrated perfumers: Fanny Bal, Jean-Cristophe Hérault, and Caroline Dumur.

Each refillable charm contains a 20ml bottle consciously crafted from 15% post-consumer recycled glass, while the refill bottles have been designed to be 100% recyclable, coming wrapped in FSC sourced 100% recyclable paper. In addition to being free from colourants and UV filters, the 100% natural alcohol formulas are never tested on animals and each perfume is uniquely infused with a blend of Turkish and Bulgarian recycled rose essential oil. This signature 'Recycled Rose', recovered from discarded rose water, not only serves as a unifying thread throughout the collection but creatively echoes the brand's fresh new take towards artistic fragrance.

The DAYDREAM campaign features Kendall Jenner in an uplifting short film directed by photographer and director, Charlotte Wales. Set to the infectious tune of Mariah Carey's 'Fantasy', the charm takes center stage as it accompanies Jenner through a surreal journey that can only exist in one’s daydream.

"The collection is an invitation to lose yourself in the universe of dreams," says Denitsa Bumbarova, Creative Director and co-founder of BY FAR. "Playing over and over, layering one on top of the other to create your own sensory escape."

The BY FAR DAYDREAMS collection will be available on, in the BY FAR Los Angeles Flagship store as well as within selected retailers worldwide, including FWRD in the US, SELFRIDGES in the UK, LVR in Italy, and WOW STORE in Spain.

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