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CAROLINA HERRERA Get ready for Summer 2022

A sunny escape to the land of Art Deco with the new limited-edition Herrera Beauty Fabulous Summer lipstick cap, a new charm, and new shades in new finishes.

Blue skies, palm trees, and a crystalline sea – Welcome to Miami!

Summer 2022’s hottest destination and the inspiration behind Herrera Beauty’s latest drop. From the saturated colors of Ocean Drive to the city’s Art Deco district, this limited-edition capsule is about to give you geometric repetition, pattern obsession and fresh new formulas.

Meet the new Mini Tint Matte Duos, boasting two colors in one for a striking obmré effect. Formulated to deliver the same lightweight second skin feel but with a non-drying matte finish, each shade has a lighter or darker hued core, designed to create a fresh, flushed lip effect. (Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here?) Coming in three new color duos – Coral Way (color n° 403), Sunset Pink (color n° 402), and Holiday Tan (color n° 401) – and able to double up as a cream blush thanks to their melt on the skin texture, each one is available as a refill and perfectly sized to hit the road.

Dive head-first into summer with our latest offering, the Fabulous Summer cap. Dressed in a retro print and swimming pool blues, it’ll make the perfect addition to your vacation line-up whether worn as a bag accessory or as a statement piece. And don’t forget to customize it with the (oh-so-cute) lipstick charm! A match made in heaven for Herrera Beauty fans and makeup addicts alike.

So, get ready to drop that top down because summer 2022 is set to be a real sizzler…


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