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Can good luck be captured in a bottle? Stallion Leather, the new Herrera Confidential fragrance, is a love letter to nature, beauty, and strength, based on floral, spicy, and leather notes that evoke memories of Balaclava, a fabulous racing horse that Carolina Herrera used to ride every day in her teenage years and has considered her lucky talisman ever since. Bottled in an evocative sculpture with honey accents, this new eau de parfum is a symbol of and ode to success.

History of a friendship Stallion Leather, as with every Herrera Confidential fragrance, was born out of the family history of Carolina Herrera herself. The brash mix of warmth and sweetness, of floral and leathery notes, is a tribute Carolina A. Herrera, Beauty Creative Director, pays to her mother’s bold personality. “The inspiration for this fragrance comes from Balaclava, a racing horse that my mother had during her teenage years in Caracas. It was her father’s birthday present to her on her fifteenth birthday, and she considered the horse her most precious jewel.”

Balaclava lived many years in the Caracas Country Club; when Carolina Herrera left Caracas to move to New York, she would visit the horse every time she had the opportunity. “She used to say that Balaclava was her lucky charm, one which helped her to achieve such incredible success in her life.” Balaclava’s beauty, strength, and agility — as well as a sense of nostalgia for youth and the horse’s winning spirit — are the key concepts of Stallion Leather, a fragrance that belongs to the Gems collection of Herrera Confidential. Here, the gem is a symbol of not just Balaclava, but the fascination Carolina Herrera has always felt towards Arabian horses in general, a world which has influenced the Herrera aesthetic since the very beginning.

The passion for horses lies at the heart of the Carolina Herrera spirit, and this spirit was brought to life in the latest Stallion Leather campaign shot in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is reflected in the spirit of Marwa Al Hashemi, an Emirati endurance rider who stars in the campaign. Al Hashemi is an ideal representation of the strength, power and elegance of the Stallion Leather fragrance. In both the campaign and in her personal life as a leading equestrian talent, Al Hashemi embodies the fragrance’s bold personality and Carolina Herrera’s winning spirit. While pursuing a career in media, she wanted to represent the Emirati women in different walks of life and continued to strengthen her passion of endurance horse riding, seeing her heights of achievement in key regional competitions, notably placing her top 10 in the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Ride for Ladies. When narrated the story and messaging behind Stallion Leather, AlHashmi felt “a connection with Carolina Herrera, due to our shared interest and love for horses.”

She continued, “being a passionate follower of the brand, I immediately jumped to the opportunity to be part of something that represents me and my heritage, all while feeling connected to the brand identity in this campaign. It felt personal and authentic, as the fragrance resonates and symbolizes familiar scents that have been passed down generations in my family.” The emotions and strength of the Stallion Leather is conveyed in the words of Abdullah Aljumah, an influential Saudi Arabian literary writer and travel enthusiast. Aljumah’s passion for traveling is deeply rooted in the appreciation of his own STALLION LEATHER culture and heritage.

Complimenting Marwa’s strong yet delicate persona in the campaign, his poetry transcends through the prowess of the Arabian horses, the vast Saudi Arabian desert and ensues through the familiar scent of leather. “I felt attached to the story of Stallion Leather once it was narrated to me. Stallion Leather manifests the strong traditions Arabs have with horses, and I instantly felt inspired to dedicate a few lines on how horses inspire me, and indeed many others, to achieve our dreams”, expresses Aljumah. An aromatic love letter to success Carolina A. Herrera designed Stallion Leather with perfumer Jordi Fernández (Givaudan). Together they have created a luxurious ambery and leathery floral eau de parfum, a perfect balance of strength and sensuality that matches Carolina Herrera’s iconic fashion collections. The top notes evoke an energetic mood, inspired by the power and speed on display at the beginning of a horse race. .

The spicy brightness of ginger blends with a smoky leather accord in a contrast that’s entirely unique. Leather also evokes another foundation of Carolina Herrera’s universe: the leather goods workshops in Spain where the House’s handbags are produced in a way that respects the craftsmanship and nobility of materials. “Leather is one of my favorite accords, because it immediately transports me to the artisanal workshops where our bags and accessories are produced”, explains Carolina A. Herrera. “It is an elegant smell, with a classic and masculine touch that makes everything more interesting. The clash with ginger is truly unexpected and challenges conventions.” The heart of the fragrance, with osmanthus and jasmine notes, is sheer floral romanticism and pays tribute to Mrs. Herrera’s favorite flower, jasmine, which bloomed in the Country Club where Balaclava was housed. “Jasmine is my mother’s favorite flower, and mine too,” says Herrera, who remembers her mother’s adage that jasmine fragrances are always successful. The base notes are an exercise in natural and outdoor intensity: cistus, incense, and patchouli create an arcadian landscape that underlines the elegance of leather.

“I have always enjoyed using these kinds of resins and woods as base notes, because they have a strength that allows a fragrance to really last, with an intense and hypnotic beauty. They are the secret weapon of any fragrance, especially this one.” The Bottle In the Herrera Confidential collection, each category has a distinct visual code. The Signature fragrances are all about transparency and shine. The Gems collection is filled with intense, bold colors that evoke the chromatic splendor of precious stones. The sculptural bottle of Stallion Leather possesses a patina in an ambery shade that reminds of natural leather with a touch of golden honey. The result is a jewel and a lucky charm, something for people to cherish in their most special moments. Stallion Leather is an encapsulation of energy, a love letter to beauty, talent, and nobility — and ode to achieving success and making that success last. Here, in Stallion Leather, is a tribute to four decades of triumph — and to the legacy of Carolina Herrera


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