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Cartier opens new boutique in Doha to offer local clients bespoke experiences

Housed in 21 High st. - Katara, Cartier’s new boutique in Doha joins the Maison’s local offering with a focus on tradition, privacy and exclusivity. 

The 460 square meter boutique displays an impressive architecture with high ceilings yet provides a private atmosphere with two main entrances and three VIP salons boasting luxurious boudoir furnishings. The space also features an elevated area that will host animations around art and craftsmanship. 

The boutique’s majestic design intertwines Cartier codes with local touch visuals—a powerful blend that underlines both the Maison’s and the city’s shared commitment to preserving and cultivating heritage, hospitality traditions and personal relationships. 

“We value our partnership with Cartier, and are delighted to see this new boutique integrate local traditions and values that will undoubtedly lead to strengthened relationships with the city,” said  Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali, Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President of Ali Bin Ali Holding.

Adjacent to Katara Cultural Village, which stands as the city’s beacon of the arts, the location of Cartier’s new boutique highlights long-standing ties with arts and culture. “We are thrilled to become part of this avant-garde development, with a brand new space that celebratesCartier’s history, style and craftsmanship while also paying tribute to local heritage and traditions,” said Christophe Massoni, CEO Cartier Middle East, India and Africa on the occasion of the boutique’s opening. “We look forward to welcoming our clients here, and providing them with exceptional Cartier experiences,” he added. 

About Maison Cartier:

Founded in 1847 by Louis Francois Cartier, the family-run Cartier firm has expanded to become an international Jewellery house with a reputation second to none. From the very beginning, Cartier has been associated with the magic of fine Jewellery making, high watch making and extravagant luxury items, bringing new horizons to the world of art and Jewellery and distinguishing its clients by the unique designs and the strong signature of all its creations. The art of fine craftsmanship and the search for exquisite materials has set Cartier apart for centuries.

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