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Carolina Herrera Beauty has come together with iconic regional figures and their families to create its first campaign celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan.

To highlight the strong family values that are at the core of the Carolina Herrera brand heritage and celebrated during the month of Ramadan, Alanoud Badr and her mother, Ola Farhat and her father as well as the Zahran sisters, took a walk down memory lane reminiscing about their most cherished Ramadan memories with their loved ones.

All year long, everyone is so busy with life. Ramadan for me is the perfect time to take a step back and remember what is really important, family! When I think about Ramadan, I think about gathering with my cousins and their children in my parents’ home. Those are memories that I will cherish forever

Ola Farhat

Whether it is Oud, jasmine or patchouli, most of their memories were linked to a scent that transported our duos to their personal place of happiness, inspiring positive and uplifting emotions.

“Ramadan at home was always an occasion for my dad and I to create our own signature bakhoor, a mix of Oud, spices and patchouli, which made it very unique and personal

Alanoud Badr

Ramadan is all about family and sharing moments together. Our best childhood memories are all linked to the smell of Jasmine because of our family home garden, where we felt so free and happy

Dina & Rima Zahran

When creating a perfume, Carolina A.Herrera takes it at heart to highlight the roots that make each of us genuine and authentic. “For me, there’s no more precious aroma than a personal one because the fragrance will be present at important times with your loved ones and subconciously in your memories for the rest of your life”. True Oud for example, is an homage to the powerful accord of Oud as it is burns during Middle Eastern ceremonies or on special occasions with family and friends while Good Girl and Very Good Girl explore different interpretations of femininity through the power of jasmine and tonka bean or the potency of rose.

Carolina Herrera Beauty and fragrances and available at all major retailers across the region now.


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