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Centre of Excellence takes golf development to a new level at Education City Golf Club

Education City Golf Club has just completed the final installation of the highly anticipated Centre of Excellence. The facility is now fully open for those looking to improve or those looking to start learning golf. The immersive experience takes golf to another level with an array of facilities indoor and outdoor to give golfers a first class experience. 

The Centre of Excellence is destined to become one of the best seats of learning golf in the region and arguably the World. A colossal claim for the newest course in Qatar but the facility speaks volumes with unique features taking golf learning to another level. The Centre of Excellence has one of the most holistic facilities in the world, being able to take a golfer from beginner level to an elite tour player. 

The facility offers V1 Analysis across all six studio’s and a total of 32 screens, which when matched with the versatility of indoor partitions allows for complete lesson flexibility. Whilst most facilities provide either TrackMan or Flightscope, the Centre of Excellence provides both options providing a tailored experience to each guest; and that’s just the beginning! 

Starting your arrival at the Centre of Excellence, Education City Golf Club welcomes you with a boutique café on arrival where you are welcomed by a PGA Professional. A review with your golf professional determines what area of the facility will help fast track your learning and development. Selecting one of the following areas below:

  • The Putting Studio – Featuring V1 analysis linked with Zen Green Stage and Putt View, providing a holistic approach to improving putting performance. 

  • Studio 1 Providing a unique custom fitting experience with not only V1, but a choice of Flightscope and TrackMan technology. The in to in or in to out, allows for complete fitting versatility. 

  • Studio 2 featuring Biomechanics technology including Gears and SAM Balance lab, K Vest and Boditrak performance.

  • Studio 3 featuring tilted lies Zen Green stage for uphill, downhill or side hill lies and an indoor TrackMan simulator. 

  • Studio 4 is dedicated to the left handed golfer showcasing the attention to detail, where the frustrations of the left handed golfer have been addressed. Not only have the entrance doors been positioned to suit a left-handed player, but the screen and coach positioning have also been considered  

  • Studio 5 featuring indoor/outdoor short game practice and full-length golf shots. Studio 5 also doubles up as an exclusive private studio dedicated to female golf development along with the Ladies only shortgame area behind the facility. With all the technology being portable, the studio can be a self-contained learning centre. 

Gymnasium – featuring Technogym equipment and equipment to help facility golf development.

The impressive line up of facilities work in unison with its 3 golf courses particularly the 9 hole Par 3 course and 6 hole championship course creating new golfers on a fast track route to becoming competent in playing the 18 Hole Championship Course.

“We have always anticipated that our Centre of Excellence would be our USP and now that we have it fully installed and up and running it is clear that it is a facility that is in a class of its own. To have all this modern technology under one roof being operated by our three highly competent Golf professionals will make the learning and development journey of any golfer a much easier one. We are really excited about the prospect of what we can do with the Centre of Excellence to grow the game of golf here in Qatar” Stated Michael Braidwood General Manager of Education City Golf Club.

For the regional or international golfer, the Centre of Excellence boasts the first Gears Analysis, Putt View and Zen Green stage in the Middle East therefore giving a pivotal reason to travel to Qatar for a new golf experience. The key in delivering a vast array of high-performance equipment lies within linking the benefits in a strategic way in order to maximize the student experience. Each piece of technology has been carefully positioned leaving no detail to chance!  The aim of the facility is not only to attract locals to learn golf but also support international golf development by attracting international golf teams, world ranked amateurs and professionals to train in the off seasons. 

Education City Golf Club is unique in the way that there is something for everyone. The Centre of Excellence is a world class facility that can cater for a beginner or a Tour Player and the commitment will be to continually develop and grow the game of golf.

Noteable facts:

  1. Education City Golf Club is the first Golf Club in the Middle East to have Gears Sports installed into the Golf Academy

  2. Education City Golf Club is the first Golf Club in the Middle East to have Putt View installed into the Golf Academy

  3. Education City Golf Club is the first Golf Club in the World to have a purpose built studio integrated with a ZEN Green Stage specifically for golf tuition for full length golf shots for ball above feet, ball below feet or sidehill lies.

  4. To our knowledge Education City Golf Club could be the first facility to have Zen Green stage recessed into the floor with SAM PuttLab, Putt View and V1 HD all within a purpose designed Putting studio

  5. To our knowledge Education City Golf Club is the first Golf Club in the world to have a dedicated ladies only golf studio with ladies only shortgame area.

Footnote about the Technology:

1.PuttView is a visual putting aid that uses augmented reality to project the ideal putting path and pace directly onto the green. PuttView uses slope data to calculate and project an accurate, animated light path onto the putting surface, and the product also offers additional visual guidance to help a player find the correct pace. PuttView gives golf coaches and golfers a host of visual aids to help create a new kind of putting lesson, including a highly user-friendly ‘Sketch’ function – where the user can literally draw his or her own graphics and instructions onto the putting surface, using a tablet. For golfers looking to improve their putting under pressure, animated targets can appear anywhere on the putting surface, challenging players to learn both break and pace in a series of putts as the clock counts down.

Together with international PGA Tour Pros the scientists of Science & Motion (SAM) Sports have developed world wide unique analysis and training systems: SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab. The SAM PuttLab putting analysis and training system and the SAM BalanceLab pressure plate for tracking the golfers’ weight transfer are considered as the leading technologies in their fields worldwide. SAM PuttLab analyzes more than 50 important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports.

2. Gears Sport 

GEARS Sports is the world’s first optical 3D motion capture tracking system designed specifically for athletes, coaches, and other training professionals. With medical grade accuracy and unparalleled visuals and performance, An optical motion capture system uses high speed cameras to capture different angles of a golfer to create a full capture. GEARS is powered by eight 1.7 megapixel cameras running at 360 frames per second which look at over 600 images per swing to track everything that’s going on with the golfers body and the club.

3. Zen Green

Zen Green Putting Stage, is a computer-controlled putting platform that enables golfers to create and practice an almost limitless number of breaking putts in a comfortable indoor environment. The system offers up to 12% variation in rise and fall slope, variable contours that allow for double breaking putts and multiple cups that can replicate a variety of putts you will find on the golf course.

4. TrackMan

The latest technology that gives and instant and actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing. Whether it is used for golf swing lessons, analysis, or club fitting, the golf radar and software are suited to be used by professional trainers, coaches, and players; as well as golf beginners.

TrackMan tracks Smash factor, Spin rate, Launch Angle, Carry, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Dynamic Loft, Attack Angle, Club Path, Face Angle. 

5. K-Vest

K Vest incorporates biofeedback training translating instruction into feels. It is perfect practice every time. Every rep of every drill is performed perfectly to accelerate muscle memory. It’s just like your coach is guiding you through every drill. Tiles display 3D data immediately following every golf swing. Like a launch monitor, as the player swings, the selected 3D data displays on the screen in tile form. There are tiles for nearly everything you want to coach and monitor, including tempo, body positions, wrist angles, peak swing speeds and swing sequencing.

7. V1 Golf 

The most powerful video analysis and golf teaching software on the market for live video capture swing analysis.

8. SAM PuttLab 

Is the worlds most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. SAM PuttLab analyzes more than 50 important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports. Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses for a better and more efficient training.

Within seconds the system gives you an individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies.

SAM PuttLab utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis and therefore is far more precise than any other similar system on the market.

9. SAM BalanceLab

Is an ultra-high resolution pressure plate to evaluate balance and weight transfer during a golf swing. The pressure signals and synchronized video are recorded in parallel and then interactively analyzed in detail. Poor balance and an irregular weight shift are often responsible for swing flaws resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome of the shot. The report capabilities of the system are similar to the proven SAM PuttLab system and give the user detailed data from each swing that can be viewed and printed. 

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