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Chef Dani García finally opens his first Lobito de Mar outside of Spain in Doha

With a culinary offering based on the freshness of the sea, Lobito de Mar promises the finest Mediterranean cuisine in Doha with produce from the best markets in Andalusia.

On Tuesday 10th of May, Málaga’s 3 Star Michelin chef, chef Dani García, officially opened his newest Lobito de Mar venue outside of Spain with a huge grand opening that was the talk of the town. Lobito’s grand opening official sponsors were Millennium travel and Moyses Stevens flower shop. Millennium travel, one of the leading travel companies in Doha, caters to the travel needs of corporates & individuals alike sell flights , private charters , hotels , holidays ,travel insurance and visa services. Moyses Stevens, a new addition to Alfardan group, beautifully decorated the space for the grand opening adding a touch of liveliness and sophistication to Lobito.

This new opening means that there are now two restaurants bearing the chef’s Mediterranean hallmark in the Qatari capital, the other being BiBo Doha, located in luxury hotel The St. Regis, in the Al Gassar resort. Both venues are the result of the international expansion of the Dani García, which has consolidated its culinary influence on this country in the Persian Gulf.

Located in the luxury gardens of the Marsa Malaz Kempinski island, The Pearl, in the Qatari capital, Lobito de Mar is so much more than just a restaurant. Under the premise of serving up the freshness of the sea that chef Dani García has known since he was a child in every dish, the restaurant promises the finest Mediterranean cuisine in Doha.

Lobito de Mar opened in Marbella in 2017, and in Madrid in 2019. Its opening in Doha in March marked the first Lobito de Mar venue to have opened outside of Spain. This is a restaurant that takes its inspiration from the most popular and representative dishes and products from traditional cooking in the south of Spain, where the quality of the produce is always the star of the show. As its name suggests, this is a restaurant devoted to the sea, serving traditional dishes based on seafood, fish and rice dishes, as well as other more sophisticated dishes, such as seafood-based charcuterie, and always using produce from the finest markets in Andalusia.

The main menu features a range of seafood and plant-based starters, from a king prawn cocktail to the traditional Spanish potato omelette, Galician-style octopus and squid croquette. These are followed by main dishes that include section lovingly dedicated to red tuna, with dishes from all the different cuts of this delicacy from the sea. These include carpaccio of tuna porterhouse, the duo tartare, with lean red and ventresca belly, tuna nape and tuna croquette. There is also a range of other fish available, such as salt-roasted or grilled sea bass, fried or grilled grouper and turbot, with their respective sides and garnishes. As an ambassador for Spanish cuisine and always loyal to his roots, Dani García brings to Lobito de Mar Doha a broad selection of dry rice and noodle dishes such as black octopus paella, and rice dishes with a more liquid consistency such as creamy rice with lobster. To finish, the restaurant’s sweet menu includes desserts such as the classic cheesecake, chocolate cake or orange mousse with pistachio and mint.

The Lobito de Mar Doha liquid menu features a series of soft drinks, such as coffees and juices, as well as an impressive cocktail menu that evoke the tastes of far-flung places. These tipples include delights such as the Prehistórico, a combination of intense flavours and aromas from different parts of the world, with a passion fruit, lemon, yuzo and shiso honey base, and the coffee tonic, made with a refreshing coffee and the perfect balance between bitter and sweet from the cinnamon sugar and tonic water.

To top off the experience, the venue also provides two alternative menus. Tardeo Sunset is a lighter food menu with a range of options to enjoy the Spanish tradition of sampling various dishes, such as Russian salad, tuna croquettes or a simple potato salad. There is also a shisha menu that’s ideal for taking a moment to relax and unwind with flavours and references ranging from lemon and mint to Lady Killer and Love 66.


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