Chloé - see with optimism a campaign by ezra petronio with felice noordhoff and mao xiaoxing

directed by ezra petronio, the new chloé eyewear campaign for spring summer 2021 is a pure expression of optimism and togetherness, attitude and freedom – a view from the eyes of contemporary women.

these are women who embrace their possibilities while finding strength in communion, through shared hopes and inspirations, with a joyful feel for the present and a bright vision of the future.

intimate portraits of modern femininity become a statement of elevated grace and natural elegance as the season’s contemplative gaze reflects on the beauty of self and of the world at large.

a series of portraits and a short film introduce two new additions to the eyewear collection: demi sunglasses defined by clip-on elements featuring a unique game of changing geometries and colours; and irene optical frames that stand out for their tailored silhouette with metal retro volumes.

#Chloé #seewithoptimism

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