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An ode to movement, fluidity and femininity, the new Chloé Eyewear Campaign reflects the brand’ s refined and responsible vision though the e beauty of modern women and their profound connection with nature.

Model s Gigi Had id and Shu Pei are portrayed in the endless horizon of the Mojave Desert. Immersed in the volcanic splendor of the Pisgah Crater, California, Gigi basks in the sun’ s rays and in the strong embrace of the rugged terrain, while Shu stand sou t against the depth of the plains.

They wear the new Gayia styles, which are crafted entirely from Re Ace – a 100% recycled acetate derived from p re -consumer waste that is exclusive to Keyring Eyewear and for SS23 to Chloé.

The frames are avail able in oversized square and round shapes rendered in earth y tones with unique col our bl ends for a painterly effect. Each style is engraved with a gold-tone Chloé logo and the Gayia founding principle engraved on the inside of the temple.

Location: Pisgah C rater, California USA

Photograph er: Zoë Ghertner

Stylist: Camill a Nickerson

Models: Gigi Had id and Shu Pei


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