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Christian Louboutin Beauty, the iconic beauty brand coveted by make-up artists and beauty lovers alike, expands its reach in the Middle East in June 2021, as it launches at Galeries Lafayette Doha, located in 21

High st, Katara Cultural Village. Reinforcing the Christian Louboutin Beauty’s dedication to the region, this new launch creates even more ways for Louboutin-lovers in Qatar to enjoy the phenomenal make-up and fragrance offering of this iconic beauty brand.

Galeries Lafayette will be home to the entire Christian Louboutin Beauty range including bold collections for lips, nails and eyes, as well as iconic fragrances such as the ‘Loubiworld’ collection, launched in November 2020. The range reflects the same playful wit, passion and innovation as Christian Louboutin’s prolific collection of women’s and men’s shoes, handbags and small leather goods. Known the world over as an artist and craftsman with a true passion for shoes, Christian Louboutin also understands the bold, transformative power of a stroke of red lipstick and nail color. After all, a chance encounter with red nail polish in 1992 is what inspired the creator’s now iconic red-lacquered soles, and ultimately began his journey into beauty.

Galeries Lafayette is renowned for being a luxury destination that brings legendary Parisian style to Doha, offering true savoir faire and all set within an exceptional and inspirational environment of 21 High st, the

ultimate outdoor shopping destination.. Galeries Lafayette brings together a blend of innovative technology and personalised service. Galeries Lafayette is designed to be a symbol of the French ‘Art De Vivre’ or ‘The Art of Living’ experience in its own right, making it the ideal home for Christian Louboutin Beauty in Qatar.

Christian Louboutin Beauty will be available on-counter in

Galeries Lafayette Qatar from June 2021.


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