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Ciel Spa Introduces 12 New Treatments Featuring Wellness Brand Of The Islands

Ciel Spa at SLS Dubai is welcoming guests to achieve higher levels of wellness with the introduction of new treatments featuring standout Dutch wellness brand, Of The Islands

The stylish Ciel Spa in SLS Dubai is introducing an exciting new range of treatments, featuring the outstanding wellness brand, Of The Islands. Located on the 69th floor of the iconic SLS Dubai, guests will be whisked into a world of wellness during the new Of The Island treatments. Expect to enjoy 12 brand new treatments from the brand including a Magnesium Massage, a Coffee Scrub treatment and Magnesium Scalp Scrub.

Described as ‘wellness of the future’, Of The Islands was founded with a mission to create wellness products and treatments to help us regain inner calm, boost energy, and enter a state of wellbeing. The brand aims to merge health, beauty and wellness, bringing Ciel Spa the undiluted power of nature, that works in tandem with their expert therapist’s hands to deliver results and elevate guest’s wellbeing.

Enjoy this brand-new category of treatments and products that all feature the key ingredient, Magnesium. The signature ingredient in the Of The Islands treatments and products, magnesium is an integral part of over 600 enzymatic reactions in the body. Every time we flex our muscles, take a breath, think - magnesium serves as the invisible energy helping our cells perform these actions. Of The Islands aims to incorporate this powerhouse of an ingredient into guest’s lives through its blended approach to beauty and health, encouraging a commitment to wellness.

An oasis of calm, Ciel Spa welcomes guests to experience the new Of The Islands treatments, all of which feature the key treatment themes of the brand which are, Anti-cellulite and Fat Burning, Sport and Athletic Performance, Prevention of Premature Ageing and Energy Boosting.

Indulge with heavenly treatments that guests can personalise by choosing between 3 different essential oils including Daring which is made from Juniper and Lavender, Tenacious featuring Tea tree, mint and lemongrass and Limitless, with Cedar wood and sweet orange.

The new treatments include a Magnesium massage, this deep aromatherapy massage, reinforced by magnesium healing properties is designed to relieve muscles fatigue, improve sleep, detox and promote sensation of overall wellbeing. There is also a Magnesium Scalp massage - a deeply relaxing scalp scrub and massage will relieve tension and restore your natural energy flow. The calming properties of magnesium help de-stress and revitalize the mind.

The new Of The Islands treatments are sure to leave guests feeling relaxed and restored as they leave the spa with a new found sense of wellbeing.


Prices: start from AED 420 for 30 minutes

Location: Ciel Spa, SLS Dubai  

Reservations & prior booking required: 04 607 0654 | +971 56 417 3887     

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