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Culturally Rich, Naturally Beautiful, Germany

Invites Gulf Tourists to Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience this Eid

With Eid Al Adha just around the corner, GCC residents with a love for nature and looking for a perfect place to spend the holiday need look no further than Germany.

Six hours gate-to-gate and with multiple daily flight routes direct from the GCC to cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf, Germany has long been favoured by the GCC traveller. An increase in travellers is expected this summer in light of the relaxation of COVID-19 requirements. All travellers can now visit regardless of vaccination status and without the need for a negative test.

Germany’s two summer campaigns, Embrace German Nature and German.Local.Culture, are aligned to GCC preferences after a regional study by D/A, the marketing and consumer consultancy identified natural attractions and cultural insights as the two top reasons holidaymakers from the Gulf look to travel.

“The GCC is a hugely important market for inbound travel to Germany, so taking notice of what residents are searching for is key,” said Yamina Sofo, director of sales and marketing at the German National Tourist Office (GNTO), the regional office of GNTB. “Having nature and culture as two of the prominent drivers is exciting given the abundance of relevant offerings that we have to offer. From meandering lakes and breath-taking mountains to traditional craftmanship and Bavarian fare – Germany is the ideal place for explorers searching for an easily accessible destination with plenty to see and do.”

Some of the incredible naturistic elements of Germany that await visitors include the 66 Lakes Trail hike, which incorporates streams and rivers and runs past the Sanssouci Palace in the spa town of Potsdam, and the incredible landscapes that can be found at Hiddensee, a stunning car-free island with sandy beaches and salt marshes.

Visitors looking to soak up culture around the country can also revel in the campaign’s four touch points: Green, Craft, Flair, and Taste. Taste includes some of Leipzig’s most popular delicacies, Green features the jaw-dropping wildlife in Munsterland, Flair sees creativity such as the inspirational Tegel Art Park in Berlin, and Craft includes the well-known cuckoo clocks of the Black Forest.


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