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de Gournay - Paris Showroom 2022


Following a complete renovation of our Paris showroom and for the occasion of Deco Off Paris 2022, de Gournay are proud to unveil the transformation of private apartment onsite by Vincent Darré.

A legend of the industry, Darré’s unique brand of visual storytelling has won him consistent accolades throughout a celebrated career across multiple mediums Applying his inimitable flair to a trio of exclusive designs, Darré has taken as his inspiration traditional concepts of a ‘Parisian’ apartment and reimagined them as a finished interior.

A living space filled with the ephemera and objects of true inhabitants, intended across the coming year as an exhibit space in which continued projects, concepts and brands are to be showcased – staging’s of Vincent’s own curation and reflecting also our own refreshed identity amidst the cities vibrant design industry.


A conceptual and dreamlike landscape defines ‘Metaphysic’: a surreal rendition of a pictorial unconscious – composed of largescale, architectural constructions and graphically rendered forms in a stark monochrome palette with warm accents of gilded Gold, executed as though by hand in an intaglio style.

With The Invisible Collection, engineers of a line of Darré’s own furniture designs, his stylised drawings have been hand embroidered onto velvet upholstery upon a small range of pieces – to be available for subsequent sale as an exclusive collection on their website


Exemplifying de Gournay’s savoir faire in the creation of scenic vista’s for walls, ‘Trellis’ is a vivid depiction of the titular construction in fresh Green on a Blue ground – a Garden esque scene welcoming visitors to the apartment.


A striking merger of Darré’s imagination and de Gournay’s technical skills, ‘Pagoda’ is an eclectic scene of stylised Chinoiserie, filled with brightly coloured Pagoda’s, tiered Temples and richly costumed Monkeys in a lively setting to reflect the activity of a dining room.


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