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As something that summarizes or concentrates the essentials of a larger thing or several things, an abstract offers a vision at a glance, putting the core elements and the defining codes in full view.

Abstract is how the house of Del Core nominates the collections that constitute the building blocks of the brand’s fantasy and glamour-filled world, contextualizing them into the background of everyday life. Such collections dialogue with the runaway offer as a mirror and as a door, connecting wild imagination with reality, widening the scope and the possibilities of the Del Core language.

Abstract Zero is at once expansive and focused, freewheeling and sharp. It moves from exact tailoring to a fluttering of frills and pleats to protective outerwear to metallic knitwear and flowing dresses. Mushrooms, a hint to the ever-evolving natural world which is a prime source of inspiration for creative director Daniel Del Core, recur on lace, as needle-punched motif on compact jumpers, as a hat or as the detail of a shoe. Outsized hooks, another signature detail, close belts and shoulder bags.

The collection has a decidedly autumnal feel, conveyed by a color palette that fuses deep notes of green and copper brown with tones of cream and highlights of red, chartreuse and silver. The silhouette is vertical and elongated, either in the pleated or ribbed dresses or in the roomy duvets and architectural coats. Drop-shouldered blousons marry a sense of appropriateness with an active feel. Pleated leaves bloom on long dresses and gloves, creating trembling naturalistic movements. Solid surfaces alternate with faded prints and lace, while metallic dashes add light. Fabrics move from lurex to velvet to silk to wool, providing the textural subtext to the abstract.

Abstract Zero is completed by a series of accessories: sandals, small shoulder bags, gloves, hats.

Photo Credits:

Courtesy of Kiki Xue for Del Core


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