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Mutation is life: from one form, a new one arises. The beauty of moths weaves fragility and strength: out of the hard shell of the chrysalis, soft bodies swarming with hypnotic patterns spread outsized wings to inhabit places filled with mystery and decay.

Fostering beauty in decay and turning the cocooning shapes and the giant wings of moths into precious atelier-made concoctions, C. A dusky sense of seduction wanders, enhanced by darkness and shine.

Within a garden set in a parallel dimension and crowded with rusty statues wander women who have walked out of their chrysalis, towering on cocoon heels. The dresses they wear protect and reveal, contain and show. The soft armour meets the womanly figure, whose presence is constantly felt, revealed through short hems and garthers, touched by draping, knitted dresses, redesigned through sharp tailoring with dropped shoulders, tailored denim pieces, flowing dresses that echo the wonders of nature. Sleeves are protagonists, growing and flowing from the body as they are ready to fly. All of it is accessorized with handbags and aerodynamic hats.

The word chrysalis comes from the ancient Greek χρυσαλλίς which means gold. Such shine persists throughout, sensually conveyed in a modulation of blacks and faux blacks accented with greens, yellows, pale tones of pink and bone, enhanced by the splendour of silks and wools and the dusky luster of vinyl and leather.

Corrosion, within the Del Core world, reveals a mutant, vitalistic force.

Photo Credits:

Courtesy of Valerio Mezzanotti for Del Core


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