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Devarana Spa makes its grand debut at Dusit Doha Hotel offering luxurious treatments in elegant

The recently opened Dusit Doha Hotel, a five-star oasis in the heart of West Bay, has opened the doors of its luxury spa concept, Devarana Spa, which offers a wide range of beauty treatments and massage therapies designed to invigorate the mind, body and senses.  

Set over the hotel’s entire 29th floor, this exquisite haven of relaxation follows the template set at Dusit’s award-winning Devarana Spas worldwide, which sees ancient ‘East-meets-West’ Thai health and beauty practices updated with modern knowledge, and further enhanced by the use of high-quality spa products and herbal preparations crafted from fresh, natural ingredients.

Inspired by the celestial gardens as depicted in Tribhumphraruang, ancient Thai literature, Devarana Spa features 17 luxuriously appointed treatment rooms (with separate male and female sections), where lighting, décor, music, scents, and the expert touch of highly trained therapists all combine to calm the mind and promote relaxation. 

The spa’s extensive menu offers a range of massages, facial and body treatments, water treatments, beauty treatments and spa exclusive programmes all delivered with the Thai-inspired gracious hospitality for which Dusit is renowned.

Highly recommended are the ‘Devarana Signature Massage’, which combines five different massage techniques for maximum relaxation and rejuvenation; and the ‘Arabian Promise,’ a luxurious aromatherapy treatment, unique to Dusit Doha Hotel, which combines the soothing scents of Frankincense and Rose to reduce stress and promote inner peace. 

The spa also has an onsite shop, Devarana Gallery, where guests and customers can purchase Devarana Spa’s freshly made body scrubs made from all natural ingredients; natural massage oils made from a combination of cold-pressed oils and specially formulated pure essential oils; luxurious spa apparel; premium skincare products from Phytomer, France; signature aromatherapy products; and even Devarana Spa’s own music collection. All products are designed to enhance relaxation, natural beauty and well-being.

“Inspired by the concept of a garden in heaven, Devarana Spa excites the senses and makes guests feel truly special,” said Mr Gerhard Stutz, Cluster General Manager, Dusit Doha Hotel and Dusit Hotel & Suites. “Luxurious pampering and healing treatments are offered in a soothing and stress-relieving environment, where guests are invited to transcend the everyday world through premium spa treatments and traditional Thai service and hospitality. We are confident that guests at Devarana Spa will truly cherish this unforgettable experience and return time and time again.”


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