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Discover SYDNEY

First your eyes will open, then your heart!

If you wake up one morning wanting to make yourself a great gift - go on a trip! 

Discover the map of the world and feel the world start to belong to you from that day, and forever. Find a "point" on the world map called Sydney and go there. 

 Sydney is Australia's largest and oldest city. It was founded in February 1788 with the arrival of the first 11 ships, led by Arthur Phillip, on the green mainland.

Originally, a settlement in one of the coves was to be named Albion, but at the last minute a decision was made to name it "Sydney" after Lord Sydney, who was then Great Britain's secretary of colonies.

In far 1788, no one knew that exactly 222 years later, in 2010, Sydney will be included in the 20 most beautiful cities in the world according to Forbes magazine.

Australian aborigines about Sydney said, "First your eyes will open, then your heart.

So, let's start the journey to your heart. First off, head to Sydney Harbor, where the Royal Botanical Garden is located on 30 hectares of land, creating a sense of harmony with its flora and fauna.

Surrounded by 9,000 different species of plants and birds, you'll reach Cape Bennelong Point, where the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge rise on three sides, surrounded by water. The Opera House is recognized as one of the world's outstanding modern architectural buildings and has been Sydney's hallmark since 1973, along with the Harbor Bridge. In 2007, the Sydney Opera House was included in the list of 20 new wonders of the world.

In Australia, organic farming and gastronomic tourism are developing. If you wish, you can take a personal gastronomic tour or go to Bondi Beach, where the promenade has a large number of restaurants with different cuisines. The most delicious avocado starters, salads with red quinoa and fish dishes will make you feel like you're in paradise on the big island. 

On Bondi Beach, you can try a variety of sea sports and return to Sydney city centre in the evening to taste kangaroos. There are plenty of restaurants in Sydney where this red meat is cooked to perfection. 

Your journey to Sydney must end at sunset at a place called 360 Bar and Dining where you can enjoy not only an Australian dinner, but also Sydney from 305m above the city. This place tends to rotate around its axis 360 degrees in a couple of hours.

Sydney is the best place on earth to feel the fact that you deserve all the splendor on earth and yes, the land revolves around you!

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