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Maxime Frédéric, Pastry Chef of Cheval Blanc Paris, and his teams have dreamed up a beautifullybucolic Easter creation. To celebrate the arrival of spring, they extend an invitation to stroll through a chocolate garden where the rose reigns supreme.

Slow down. Lean in. Inhale its scent. Observe. Marvel. A rose is blooming.

The poetic rose presents silky petals and a corollain 75% dark chocolate made in the atelier of the chocolatier Nicolas Berger. These must be pluckeddelicately, with just the fingertips, to discover what lies at its tender heart: a chocolate egg filled with chocolate coated,caramelized hazelnuts from Maxime Frédéric's family farm, Le Secret de Nos Vergers, in Normandy. The Queen of her realm,the rose reigns in majestyover a delicate bar of chocolategarnished with pistachios, candied raspberry and rose jam.

An exceptional piece recalling a floral composition, made specially to grace gourmet tables.


Serves 6-8, 180€, limited edition

Available by pre-order on Easter creation may be pickedup from April 6 to 9, 2023

at Cheval Blanc Paris - 8 quai du Louvre, 75001 Paris

#EASTERBLOOM #PastryChefofChevalBlancParis #MaximeFrédéric

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