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Dip into the beauty of unexpected joy

Take pleasure in the excitement of unexpected bliss and surrender to the soul-warming energy of Ritual’s brand-new Limited Edition, Serendipity. Designed to nourish the soul with the bliss of unexpected joy, Serendipity is a beautiful tribute to the notion that joy is the greatest when it is least anticipated. Open yourself to expecting the unexpected, celebrate the beauty of attention and let happiness capture your heart.

Pure Elixir of 10 Opulent Oils

It hides in all sorts of plants, woods and flowers and is known for its beautifying and caring properties; oil. Especially for this limited edition, we developed a unique blend of ten opulent oils to enrich body and soul. It's a pure elixir that helps you to leave your skin remarkably soft, ultra nourished and radiant.

Evening primrose oil; for a more even skin tone

Sweet Almond oil; rich in Vitamin E

Sandalwood oil; skin-soothing benefits

Kukui Nut oil; excellent moisturising properties

Moringa oil; promotes a natural glow

Tsubaki oil; helps to improve skin elasticity

Jojoba oil; helps to keep the skin calm and comfortable

Coconut oil; helps to protect the skin

Sesame oil; naturally high in antioxidants

Perilla oil; helps to restore the skin

The greatest element of surprise comes into play when the collection’s opulent oils meet water. A layering effect is created, mixing and separating to paint a mesmerising picture of the pull and play between the two types of molecules. As an industry-first, this beautiful layering effect is mirrored in the collection’s exquisite design. This magical elixir of opulent oils, infused in all products from design to ingredients, encapsulates the beauty of serendipity, of finding something pleasing, and of value, without looking for it. This is nature, this is unexpected beauty and bliss.

Product Innovation – 3-Phase Shower Oil

Infused with nature’s precious materials, this 3-Phase Shower oil boasts ultra-nourishing properties thanks to a unique blend of opulent oils. Each phase -or layer- in the shower oil adds rich benefits with ultra-nourishing and moisturising elements, and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, silky soft. Enjoy the unforgettable scent of green notes, florals, and long-lasting woody accords intertwined with powdery and ambery notes.

The Limited Edition Collection contains a Body, Home & EDP range, is now available in Rituals Cosmetics stores, selected department stores and at



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