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Discover Padbol: the newest sport quickly taking over the UAE’s sports community

EmiratesPadPro, the sole operator and license holder of Padbol in the UAE, are revolutionizing the fitness and wellness community with the thrilling sport that’s rapidly becoming extremely popular. EmiratesPadPro, founded by three sports fanatics; Kabir Khorram, Hussein Kapasi and Samir Khorram, came together to grow and expand Padbol to a new level in the Middle East. With EmiratesPadPro, the three individuals secured the exclusive rights for owning and operating Padbol courts in the UAE, which is a patented and trademarked sport.

With the exclusive rights in the UAE to operate and facilitate one of the fastest growing sport in the world, the Padbol pioneers recently opened the world’s largest Padbol sports complex in Dubai’s Al Quoz area. The exhilarating sport can be played by all ages and genders, exclusively at EmiratesPadPro’s 10,000 sqft. sports complex, which has seven Padbol courts.

Despite having the exclusive rights for owning and operating Padbol courts in the UAE there’s been several cases of misuse and infringement of Padbol’s International trademarks and copyrights in the region, which have been dealt with legally. Padbol is beyond just playing a sport. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to try Padbol and with that comes great responsibility to the community. With the sport rapidly growing we do offer franchise opportunities with the right partners,” says co-founder Hussein Kapasi.

The trailblazing trio single-handedly built the Padbol community with no signs of slowing down as they aim to host the next Padbol World Cup in 2024 in Dubai and build the UAE’s first national Padbol team. Their latest franchise KuwaitPadPro is expected to open at the beginning of November this year. For those still unaware of the sport, Padbol is a fusion sport that combines elements of football, padel tennis, and volleyball and is quickly becoming a fan favourite across the region.

Those interested in opening legal Padbol courts in the region, can get in touch with EmiratesPadPro directly, since the sport of Padbol strictly cannot be operated without a license in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman.

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