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An Italian summer. A celebration of joy, happiness and roots.

Proud of its Italian DNA, ETRO invites to explore an eternally charming Riviera style.

In the current world, where the concept of proximity and familiarity takes on a new, powerful meaning, Veronica Etro finds inspiration in the outstanding beauty and in the lively lifestyle of her own country.

Fresh, relaxed, spontaneous, the collection revisits the bourgeois spirit of the brand with its always-ironic touch.

Exploring the alluring vibe of an endless Italian summer, a nautical theme takes center stage with rope motifs, marine chains, anchors, seashells, summer stripes and sailboats. A new hybrid character, the Pegasus-Triton, pops as the logo of T-shirts and cropped knits. Echoing the sumptuous frescos of Italian palazzos, archival foulard prints - Bandiere da Parata (1992), Albero delle Meraviglie (1993), Trionfi e Soffitti (1994) and Palais Jamais (1995) - add a touch of timeless, graceful beauty, while the brand’s signature Paisley motif appears in a new, monochromatic version.

Fashion’s Nineties essential spirit is rediscovered through uncomplicated, timeless pieces. Bermuda pants are paired with printed bustier tops and lightweight twill blazers. One-piece swimsuits are worn with cuffed jeans, their waist highlighted by belts combining ropes and metallic chains. Bikinis with a vintage vibe are matched with open front button skirts for a new idea of summer suit.

Playful knitted coordinated sets are printed with the collection’s signature motifs, while sartorial Capri pants and vests are shown with knotted silk scarves worn as micro tops. Up-cycled denim creates shorts and blouses, terrycloth is printed for effortless chic, versatile tunics. The classic souvenir T-shirt is revised for elevated embroidered styles featuring postcard patterns.

Maritime color combinations of blue, white and red are juxtaposed to feminine and romantic sorbet tones in a palette including shades of lime yellow, turquoise, orange, salmon, lavender and mint.

The accessories, including straw baskets, Nineties’ bucket bags, as well as maxi printed canvas totes, enhance the collection’s laid-back yet always chic vibe. Essential rope lace-up flat sandals are also embellished with silk ties to wrap around the ankle, while colorful beaded necklaces are designed to be piled up and mixed with metallic nautical rope-like chokers.


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