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Etro “Kind Knits” is the new see now buy now upcycled capsule collection released during the FW2023 Women’s Fashion Show.

The new project stems from the collaboration with a longstanding partner that has supplied the Etro design team with its precious selection of yarns in stock. These unique materials give life to a new capsule that includes only 2 styles in one size offered in 13 variants each, for a total edition of 26 pieces.

Unveiled at the Etro FW2023 Fashion Show, the capsule is available from today on, featuring a long sleeve sweater with square inlay and lace-up neckline and a vest with curved stripes and neckline.

Following the Love Trotter upcycling project, Marco De Vincenzo continues his exploration and his personal research into the history of Etro and the infinite possibilities that textile mastery can create and recreate through artisan flair and color imagery.

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