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EVOK Hotels, who specialize in creating luxury hotels that resonate with the spirit of their surroundings, through redefined hospitality, has announced the opening of Sinner Paris the latest edition to the collection and their third property in Paris, following Brach and Nolinski.

The 43-key Tristan Auer-designed property is located in the heart of the lively and eclectic Le Marais district and breaks the rules of a luxury hotel. It reveals its own take on the city and shares its vision of Parisian style.

Located in one of Paris’s oldest neighborhoods, guests are given the chance to discover contemporary art galleries, addresses of young designers’ boutiques and take a historical stroll through the heart of an emblematic Parisian neighborhood marked by its past. A blend of the heritage, history, glamour and mystery of the Marais all mingle within a unique hotel, creating a unique disruptive identity.

To define Sinner’s DNA, interior designer Tristan Auer first rooted his work in the memory of this neighborhood as well as the memories of his childhood, from which he selected decade-long optimism and the carefree attitude of the 70s. At first glance, its unpolished façade gives off an almost monastic simplicity, suggesting that behind its windows lies an elegant and lively insider’s Paris. Remaining true to his signature, Auer leaves trends behind and surprises even in the tiniest details. From the electric relaxation of the restaurant to rooms inspired by ecclesiastical quarters and from dark hallways illuminated by stained-glass windows to the concept store in the crypt, the feeling of unpolished luxury is presented with this new chapter in life of Paris.

Winding corridors with a quietly opulent atmosphere, simply illuminated by the play of light through stained glass windows and the glow of lanterns lead each guest to their room. Red doors with knockers and peepholes inspired by carriage porches reveal 43 bedrooms and suites. The materials – velvet, wood and terra cotta – and also the works of art and paintings are a gesture to the cultured, urban artistic types who will take the time to discover and recognize the treasures hidden inside.

At Sinner’s restaurant, Chef Adam Bentalha has designed an ethnic menu of ‘tribal’ food, blending North African and South American cuisines, taking inspiration from street food culture and the simplicity of Peruvian and Brazilian dishes. Having previously worked as the Executive Chef at Brach Paris, Bentalha speaks about the concept behind his new venture “It is simple, this cuisine for sharing still draws on traditional recipes and finds its full expression in my approach to also serving light dishes”. Joining him, Patisserie Chef Yann Brys whisks diners to far-off destinations with his exotic dessert creations.

The Sinner Bar is a representation of the avant-garde and joyful surroundings. It combines an open space with an enticing and buzzing atmosphere and an exclusive and more intimate room behind curtains. Destinies cross paths here over exotic mixed drinks and fusion finger food such as cold kemiah, cromeskis and ceviche. The distinctive menu showcases ten Latin-inspired concoctions including the ‘Crimson Heart’ and ‘Memento’ using fresh products and homemade infusions created in-house.

Hidden behind a nail-studded door, the hotel’s spa, Ablutio, offers guests to discover this well-kept secret, with its pool inspired by Greek and Roman baths. The space is designed for conversation, dreamy languor and the awakening of the senses. Ablutio offers exclusive face and body treatments drawing its expertise from the hands of experts in lasting wellness. Bespoke treatments are created using Orveda products, a natural, eco-responsible and vegan brand while international wellness leader, Jimmy Jarnet shares his treatment vision with Sinner by offering exclusive treatments.

Sinner pushes back boundaries, capturing irreverence without renouncing the luxury and elegance which characterizes the capital’s finest addresses.


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