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Fabergé Introduces the Ruby Hilal Collection

In celebration of Eid al-Fitr on the 12th May, Fabergé is delighted to introduce the latest additions to their Colours of Love ‘Hilal’ collection. Comprising pendant, earrings and ring, this capsule collection has been named Hilal, Arabic for crescent moon.

The most recent additions to the Hilal capsule collection have been handcrafted from 18k rose gold with Fabergé’s iconic decorative fluting. Each crescent moon is complemented by enchanting pavé set diamonds and a beautiful star featuring a Gemfields ruby, responsibly sourced from the Montepuez mine in Mozambique.

The crescent moon and its constant companion, the star, have always held a certain ethereal allure; both have been spiritually relevant across faiths and cultures throughout the ages. Their pairing within jewellery is not something new: the two celestial icons were often featured together in Victorian brooches, frequently given as a token of affection, a way of romantically proclaiming “I love you to the moon and back.” The crescent moon remains prominent in Islamic iconography – as a source of spiritual guidance, symbolising everything from hope and the passage of time to fertility.

The use of rose gold is reminiscent of Peter Carl Fabergé’s pre-1917 collections, as he was one of the first to put rose gold to use in his most ornate creations, specifically his legendary Imperial Eggs. He blended yellow gold and copper to create an alluring pink material that was first coined as ‘Russian Gold’. As this mix of alloys became popular among jewellers around the world, it was later renamed ‘rose gold’.

The romantic message is inherent in this special collection, as rubies have long been associated with passion, prosperity and protection. It’s the perfect token of love to give the one you call ‘Ya Amar’.

The rubies in the collection have been sourced from Gemfields, a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones. Gemfields believes that those who mine gemstones should do so with transparency, legitimacy and integrity. This endeavour is coupled with a strong belief that coloured gemstones should create a positive impact for the country and community from which they originate.

The Fabergé Colours of Love Rose Gold and Ruby Hilal Pendant £8,280.00/$9,450, Ring £9,120/$10,500 and Earrings £11,640.00 /$13,440.00 are available to buy at and in select Fabergé boutiques. Enquiries can be directed to and will be passed on to a member of the Customer Relationship Team.


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