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Fabergé Launches Cosmic Curve

Inspired by the belief that every gemstone contains energy from one of the planets in our solar system, Fabergé has launched a collection of rings named Cosmic Curve. Set with tsavorites, a rainbow of coloured sapphires and Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies, these rings are available in 18k yellow, white and rose gold and are ideal for either stacking or wearing alone. In line with this belief, which has its origin in ancient times, it is hoped that the energy from the gemstones will help the wearer to increase their sense of wellbeing and happiness.

It was the Babylonians who, thousands of years ago, believed that gemstones were guarantors of health and joy: their unusual colours and scarcity contributed to this idea that they were associated with magical powers. Today, it is still believed that the healing powers of gemstones derive from the special cosmic influences of their associated ruling planets.

Ancient Indian gemmological texts explain that white light is composed of seven primary and two secondary colours blended together. The primary colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet; the secondary colours are ultra-violet and infra-red. The former become visible in the form of a rainbow whenever white light is refracted through a prism or rain falls; but the latter two always remain invisible.

These nine colours are thought of as the cosmic matrix, and are the very essence of the nine planets; and it is through these bright hues that the planets radiate their energy and influence.

Of all the elements in nature, gemstones constitute the most condensed form of concentrated colour and can provide a limitless source of cosmic colour rays. In ancient Indian texts, gemstones with their corresponding colours were said to possess powers that could be used in a targeted manner to heal symptoms of certain illnesses.

If the Sun (Surya) is exalted in a horoscope, it is believed a person will be well-read, strong, and compassionate. Red is the cosmic colour transmitted by rubies, and red colour waves are hot, and therefore reputed to be useful in curing diseases caused by excessive cold and moisture in the body, including colds, anaemia, low blood pressure and heart and circulatory problems. In addition, solar gemstones confer courage and eliminate sadness.

People with Mercury (Budha) in a horoscope will be educated, happy, fortunate and highly respected. Green is the cosmic colour transmitted by emeralds and tsavorite, and these colour waves relate to the earth’s element and are cold by nature. Mercury astral talismans are believed to improve memory and learning and to strengthen the nervous system.

When Saturn (Shani) is exalted, one will be charitable, lavish and affectionate. Violet is the cosmic colour transmitted by blue sapphires and other natural blue and violet gems. Violet colour waves are related to Saturn, the planet believed to govern the entire nervous system. Saturn Astral Talismans are known to help strengthen a person's nervous system.

If the Moon (Chandra) is exalted in a horoscope, it is believed a person will be wealthy, industrious, and respected. Orange is the cosmic colour transmitted by lunar gems, and orange colour waves are cold, and therefore said to be useful in treating ailments caused by excessive heat in the body. Moon jewels are also believed to pacify emotions, induce tranquillity, and improve artistic creativity.

If Jupiter (Brihaspati) is exalted in a horoscope, it is believed a person will be a leader and respected. Light blue is the cosmic colour transmitted by yellow sapphires and light blue colour waves, being very cold, relate to the ethereal nature and are helpful in enhancing spiritual understanding, increasing one's fortune, and balancing the hormonal system.

People with the moon’s north node (Rahu) exalted in their birth chart are believed to be wealthy and fortunate. Ultra-violet is the cosmic colour transmitted by orange gems. Ultra-violet colour waves are the coldest of all the cosmic rays and are believed to help with ailments caused by extreme overheating, i.e., high fever, indigestion and insomnia.

When Venus (Shukra) is exalted in the birth chart, one will be humanitarian, long-lived and possess many good qualities. Indigo is the cosmic colour transmitted by diamonds and other colourless gems. Venus astral talismans are known to induce purity of body and mind, and to confer artistic talent and worldly happiness.

When Mars (Mangala) is exalted in the horoscope, one has great energy. Yellow is the cosmic colour and these colour waves are related to lymph nodes, blood, and the head. Mars astral talismans may help to strengthen these vital elements.

The rubies and emeralds used within the Cosmic Curve rings have been acquired from Gemfields, a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones.

Gemfields gemstones are mined in Africa: rubies from Mozambique and emeralds from Zambia. Responsible sourcing for Gemfields means implementing industry-leading policies and practices across operations, transparency in the auction sales process, an active role in working groups to modernise the coloured gemstone sector, projects to improve health, education and livelihoods for the communities around the mines and conservation efforts to protect Africa’s great wildlife and biodiversity.

The Cosmic Curve collection is available from £4,600/$6,000 and can be purchased at Virtual appointments are also available to view the rings. Please contact to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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