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Fabergé Spotlights May’s Birthstone, Emerald

Fabergé is celebrating emeralds, the birthstone of May, by charting their use within the Maison’s collections for over a century. Rare and beautiful, emerald’s spectrum of remarkable green hues is celebrated in all their glory within Fabergé’s collections of jewellery, timepieces and objet d’art.

Emeralds have long been considered a symbol of hope and are reputed to encourage growth, reflection, peace and balance. Often referred to as ‘The Jewel of Kings’, emeralds represent the soul of spring and herald the notion of renewal and rebirth, which make them the perfect birthstone for May.

Coloured gemstones form a vibrant part of Fabergé’s rich heritage, with prominent emerald creations dating back to 1899 (above left) - signalling the start of the Maison’s love affair with these rare gemstones. One of Fabergé’s most iconic early emerald commissions was a collier d’esclave necklace for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna to wear to the February 1903 Bal des Costumes Russes, staged at the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg (above right).

Today, Fabergé continues to champion ‘a life in colour’ with their contemporary jewellery creations featuring a kaleidoscope of coloured gemstones, including an abundance of stunning emeralds.

The Empress Suite is a show-stopping example of Fabergé’s ability to paint with these marvellous gemstones. Each emerald within the suite has been sourced with care from Gemfields - a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced, coloured gemstones - from their Kagem mine in Zambia.

These treasured emeralds, which are at least 500 million years old, hold a value far more than their visual beauty as the wearer knows that by investing in a Gemfields emerald, you are also supporting long term positive impact for the local communities and conservation projects, national economy and environment in a transparent and sustainable way.

Set in 18k white gold, each piece in the Empress suite features large sugarloaf cut emeralds surrounded by white diamonds. Each emerald features Gübelin Gem Lab’s emerald paternity test. This patented technology uses DNA-based nanolabels allowing traceability of gems back to the mine of origin, thereby instilling consumer confidence and creating trust.

The Empress Necklace, Earrings and Ring (POA) are available to view at Enquiries can be directed to and will be passed on to a member of the Customer Relationships Team.


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