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With Ramadan around the corner, Swiss Arabian, the leading fragrance house in the region, has curated a selection of beautiful Bakhoors scented with perfume and essential oils to bring a sense of pure elegance and majesty to homes during the Holy Month.

Swiss Arabian’s elegant Bakhoor collection is designed to bring a sense of calmness and serenity while filling the air with scents fit for royalty. Here are Swiss Arabian’s top five picks that will satiate one’s home with natural aromas this Ramadan:

DUKHOON AL JAZEERA - The scent of harmony

Dukhoon Al Jazeera is a gorgeous, rose bakhoor scent with notes of spice and wood for the perfect earthy blend. The bakhoor is balanced with notes of spicy saffron, aromatic cardamom and the heat of cloves. AED 295 / SAR 325 / OMR 33 / KWD 25 / QAR 350

DUKHOON AL HARAM - Your sanctuary

With fresh lemon and lavender notes, Dukhoon Al Haram is a comforting and beautiful fragrance that brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home. AED 185 / OMR 20 / KWD 18 / QAR 240 / BHD 19

BAKHOOR AL NASEEM - Surrender to nature

Bring the freshness of garden serenity with Bakhoor Al Naseem, a bakhoor that brings the joy of greenery, exotic petals of dainty violets, heady jasmine and blushing pink Bulgarian roses as well as luscious plump blackcurrants. Notes of precious oud, wisps of incense and feathery musk make this blend absolute perfection. AED 150 / SAR 175 / OMR 17 / KWD 15 / QAR 180 / BHD 16

OUD MUATTAR ANGHAM - A symphony of scent

Oud Muattar Angham opens with a mesmeric blend of luxurious rose notes and precious saffron. They are blended perfectly with powdery notes of citrus and peppery spices of geranium and nutmeg. Through the mists of soft musk looms a gleaming golden drop of precious oud: the final resonating note of this beautiful symphony. AED 160 / SAR 192 / OMR 17.5 / KWD 15 / QAR 200 / BHD 17

BAKHOOR AL KARAM - Straight from the heart

Bask in the oud scented breezes of Bakhoor Al Karam that bring together the perfect mix of saffron, musk, rose petals and golden vanilla. AED 100 / SAR 120 / OMR 11 / KWD 10 / QAR 120 / BHD 11

Moreover, in celebration of the month of Ramadan, customers can avail an exciting buy two get one free deal during Bakhoor Week from April 16-23.

For more information, visit the Swiss Arabian website here:


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